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lawry’s steakhouse (台北勞瑞斯餐廳)- TAIPEI

December 19, 2010

lawry’s steahouse in taipei has moved to a new location in the flourishing hsin yi district. my parents took me here to welcome me back home to spend the holidays with them. wish we had a lawry’s in vancouver.

our server mixing the salad.

1/2 portion of their famous original spinning bowl salad salad/crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, watercress, shredded bets, chopped eggs (mine had no egg- im allergic), croutons, and tossed with their vintage dressing – the salad is included in the dinner sets. the dressing is a bit like thousand island but more citrusy.

i think this was the tomato or vegetable soup? it was okay.

the chef comes by our table to prepare our steak.

1/3 portion of prime rib- the english cut 7.5 oz. w/mash potatoes ($1500NT= ~$50USD) & my moms request of a slice of end/side meat – just like how i remembered it to be. the sauce, the mash potatoes, and the meat are the perfect combination.

fresh fish selection – the cod? ($900NT= ~$27USD )– fresh, flavorful, and the texture was perfect. my only complaint
is the nuts on top.

side order of asparagus and hollandaise sauce ($180NT- ~$6USD)

side order of creamed spinach ($180- ~$6USD)

side order of creamed corn ($180- ~$6USD)– my all time favorite. they have the sweetest corn.

banana split w/3 different flavors of movenpick ice-cream, bananas, and waffles ($350NT- ~$11USD)

the bill came out to be around ~$180USD a bottle of win included.

love the location, easy parking, classy decor, and excellent service. the manager was also there to attend to the customers. as told by our server, they are more strict on quality control this time around. good to know that they are making improvements!

lawry’s steakhouse
(8862) 2729-8555
song ren road no. 105, B1
sinyi district, taipei city,
taiwan, R.O.C

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