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honey pig- LOS ANGELES

November 20, 2012

SAOOOOOOO I haven’t blogged in an eternity because I went through a breakup and I sort of just lost motivation. However, I’m feeling way better now and I missed blogging and sharing my nomnom adventures with you. I think I may even start a new blog more focused on my life and all, but then I’ll really need to be committed and put aside some time for that.

I went to Honey Pig in K-town with my ex after we drove back to LA from Vegas. He fell in love with their juicy and fatty pork when he had it before, so I was amped to try even though I don’t eat that much meat anymore. After our meal, we both agreed that the quality of the food and service was not up to par. Everything was pretty bland, the kimchi tasted weird, the meat was too chewy, and I know fat is supposed to be the best part of the meat but it was too much for me. I’ve become super health-conscious as of late and this is just a personal preference. Also, our server could’ve cared less about us but we weren’t expecting much.






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taipei’s best belgium waffles

July 10, 2012

I made a bet with a friend and sworn off Belgium waffles for the next 3 months. As of late, I’ve been trying to find all the Belgium waffles there is in Taipei and I’m proud to say that I have a pretty good list of where to go for this irresistable treat. I actually haven’t found too many places selling them yet but I think it’s definiteley trending. This also leads into the decision of why I took the bet to stop eating Belgium waffles for the sake of my health and competition (I’m secretly a very competitive person HAH). In return, he promises to quit his weakness for chocolate bars for the same amount of time. Bring it ON.

1) B. waffle (鬆餅。班)
No. 138, Section 4, Shìmín Blvd, Daan District, Taipei

B.waffle sells plain waffles 60 with an additional charge for caramel or chocolate sauce. I like their waffles the best because it isn’t too sweet and the outside is very crispy almost croissant-like for the first 0.5 second you bite into it. HEAVEN. However, my last visit to the store was very dissapointing. The waffle maker too a bunch of pre-made waffles and reheated it on the grill. I ended up receiving a waffle that was undercooked on the sides, not crispy, and had chocolate stains on them. He probably slacked off because the boss wasn’t around because I refuse to believe they would do something like that when their selling purely Belgium waffles & coffee. Nonetheless, elevator parking is right next door and the place is tiny with very few seatings.  Their simplistic packaging and store design definetley speaks to a trendier crowd.

2) Mr. PAPA WAFFLE & CAFE 比利時鬆餅專賣店
No. 467, Sōngshān Rd, Sinyi District, Taipei

Mr. PAPA is the reason I got hooked on Belgium waffles like a druggie. So far they are the best in service and makes fresh waffles that are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Personally, their waffles are slightly too eggy and sweet for me but I’m just being picky. Mr.PAPA is just one stop down the blue MRT line from Taipei City Hall.

3) Muffin Princess 鬆餅公主Cafe
No. 50, Lane 31, Section 1, Dà’ān Rd, Daan District, Taipei

 I liked the waffles at Muffin Princess a whole lot but the portion is for two and the interior and name is a little too girly for my taste. Although, the name has grown on me and I’d become really ditzy when saying it. Don’t ask. I ordered this to go but decided to eat it immediately when I discovered that they packed an ice-cream in the take out bag (I hate melted ice-cream). Their waffles are made like a dessert and comes with two pieces of waffles, whipped cream, brown sugar syrup, and matcha ice-cream 170. I thought the ice-cream was great and the taste and texture of the waffles were just right.

4) The Lobby of Simple Kaffa (Hotel V)
No. 48, Lane 177, Section 1, Dūnhuà South Road, Songshan District, Taipei

The waffles in this trendy boutique hotel was equally as good as the ones above. It is on the sweeter side which I don’t usually prefer but it still made me beg for more. Again, the portion size is made for two so bring a date! More more more.

5) Glacio 比利時創意冰品咖啡館 (ATT 4 Fun)
3 FL No. 12, Song Shou Rd. Xinyi District, Taipei

You would think the Belgium waffles at a Belgium Cafe would be good but their waffles were terrible! This cost me 60 and they charge another 15 for maple syrup. A rip-off if you ask me. The waffle was soft, undercooked, unevenly cooked, and it wasn’t sweet at all. Underneath my dinky piece of waffle was a deformed mini waffle. Strange. Yet this tinier piece was crispier but I was still turned off by how not sweet it was.

I have also tried Belgium Waffles from HieloKimmi Food & Drinks, and Whimsical which were all pretty mediocre at best.

UGH. Now I want some…


July 9, 2012

Sorry I’ve been going through a hard time in life right now so I’ll be blunt and make it extra simple for you. Bouchon was the biggest disappointment out of all my Vegas culinary experiences. Even my cat can make breakfast better than them. Yeah I know that doesn’t make sense but you know what I mean.

The croissant was my favorite. You can trust the French on their pastries.

Talk about visual presentation eh? Yup, it looks as good as it looks. Really BLAND. The brioche bread was good by itself but it wasn’t what we expected. It was so crusty and flaky that we didn’t even bother eating it with the egg and veggies. Two words: dry, mouth. The only thing that was slightly appetizing was the side of spinach.

Again, not good.

Honestly the whole meal was kind of a disaster. Not to mention we waited 15 minutes to be seated in an empty restaurant and another 45 minutes for our food to arrive. Well, to be fair I would give it a second chance only for Thomas Keller’s sake but never for breakfast again. What’s Keller been up to anyways? He seriously needs to step up his game.

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pho kim long > visit two- LAS VEGAS

June 28, 2012

I’ve probably said this a million times before but Pho Kim Long is the best place to satisfy hangover munchies.  It’s family style dining, affordable, quick, and soupy. What’s not to love? This time back, service felt a bit rushed and my server didn’t let me finish my order as she thought she knew exactly what I wanted and quickly nodded and went away. She later came back with the wrong order. “Excuse me, I wanted beef stew rice noodles, not beef stew rice” I responded (I made sure I emphasized noodles when I ordered).  She looked at me uninterested and said “oh” and dashed into the kitchen. A man came out afterwards and apologized for the mix-up and assured me that my beef stew noodles was on its way and that it may take a little longer to serve. I appreciated the warning. Half an hour later while my friends were picking on their left-over food, my order finally arrived and thank god it was worth the wait! 

Fried Spring Rolls
Crunch crunch. The crispy texture of the roll is the best wake up call for the appetite of an not-so-sober person.

Fried Egg Tofu
Extremely tender egg tofu surrounded with a thin layer of battered skin. Again, the server messed up our order because I asked for another tofu dish. However, my friends loved it but I found the tofu to be pretty bland.

Pork Chop on Rice
My boyfriend really favored the marinated sauce from his pork chop. Although the pork chop looks kinda dinky and wasn’t particularly tender, he was more than happy to devour this dish and was stuffed.
Beef Stew Noodles
I always order this at my all-time favorite East Asian restaurant the Phnom Penh in Vancouver, so I was extremely glad that I found a close competitor. I wanted something powerful in flavor and this was perfect! The beef was really tender and the beef tendons were legit. I wasn’t surprised that I got a stomach-ache shortly after this meal (notice the layer of oil) so eating something like this on a weak stomach wasn’t the best idea but oh well… it was only a matter of time until it went away.

Ugh, I’m getting hungry.
Give me some Pho Kim Long please!
That’s what she said. Hahaha…no.

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mon ami gabi- (PARIS) LAS VEGAS

June 23, 2012

THE GOOD: prime location, variety- serves breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner, delicious onion soup, affordable, outdoor seating, great for people watching, beautiful view of the Bellagio fountains

THE BAD:  food is overrated; we thought it was fine but nothing special to rave about, my arm was almost burnt off by the scorching sun

Onion Soup Au Gratin- baked with Gruyere cheese 8.25
Like most onion soups I’ve had I was afraid this one would be salty. However, it was perfectly seasoned and one of the best onion soups I’ve had. The soup base was full of flavor and a generous amount of savory melted cheese on top… so good!

Baked Goat Cheese- tomato sauce, warm herb garlic bread 8.95

Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Crepe 12.95

Seafood Crepe- scallop, shrimp, peas, cream 13.95

Maine Lobster Roll- toasted brioche 17.95

Natural Chicken Paillard 18.95

Smoked Salmon & Egg salad Tartine- country bread, capers, lemon 12.95

It wasn’t as good as I hoped for but I loved the atmosphere and being able to enjoy affordable traditional French cuisine in Vegas. I’m already looking forward to my next meal at the MAG.

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B&B ristorante- (VENETIAN) LAS VEGAS

June 21, 2012

My boyfriend and I were craving Italian food so of course we had to try one of many Mario Batali’s Vegas restaurant the B&B Ristorante in the Venetian. Other than the fact that the restaurant lighting was way dim and made us sleepy, the service and food didn’t disappoint but it wasn’t spectacular either. I give it 3.5 stars.

Complimentary Chickpeas & Olive Bruschetta
First impressions matter and this was just whatever.

Field Greens with Trebbiano Vinaigrette $15
The veggies were kinda bitter but it felt healthier? This uber ‘green’ salad was hard to eat alone so we waited for our pasta’s to arrive and ate it as a side. People who like simple no fuss salads will enjoy this.
Pappardelle Bolognese $28
As you can see the portion size is created intentionally smaller for tasting purposes. Nicely cooked house made pasta with a modest layer of bolognese  sauce. This was perfect as we wanted something light before we hit the clubs.

Beef Cheek Ravioli with Black Truffles and Crushed Duck Liver $26
We were expecting the texture of tender beef cheek meat in the ravioli, but we were surprised by the fine paste-like texture that we got instead. Don’t get me wrong it was different and made really well but we were secretly hoping we could’ve tasted the miracle texture of beef cheeks by itself. If we didn’t know better, we wouldn’t have been able to guess what were in those ravioli’s.

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After dinner, we went to see Diplo and Skrillex kill it at XS.

Oh heyy just getting our shots on at the bar 😉

We danced off a good amount of carbs away. Woot they were so amazing!

jean phillipe patisserie- (ARIA) LAS VEGAS

June 19, 2012

BEST SANDWICHES EVER! We tried at least 4 different sandwiches at our stay at the Aria hotel. All of them were super delicious even after leaving them out overnight. It’s conveniently located right next to the guest elevators and it has everything from breakfast, desserts, snacks, to light meals.

Sandwiches were put on display but our orders always came fresh from the kitchen.


Sadly these were really dry.

 Ham & Cheese Croissant & Chicken Aioli Sandwich
Hands down not even kidding BEST ham & cheese croissant I’ve tasted. Although it was a bit greasy to eat with bare hands, the croissant was crispy and buttery and all of the ingredients together just melted in our mouths. It looked like there were crispy strips of a secret ingredient on the outside of the croissant that made it so deceiving good. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t make you feel greasy and icky after eating it. My boyfriend and I savored our sandwiches as we chilled by the pool.

Carrot Cupcake & Oreo Tiramisu
 On the right the carrot cupcake sits underneath a dome filled with cream which I found unnecessary. The carrot cake was perfectly flavored and wasn’t too sweet but the whole thing was way too moist. Next I had the oreo tiramisu which was really difficult to eat without making a floor of oreo crumbs. After 4-5 attempts of removing the oreo crumbs little by little and finally getting to the cake…  I took a bite and fell in love. Forgive me, I’ve sinned! Anyone who loves chocolate, dairy, and oreos will love this.

Turkey & Cheese Crepe
A decent crepe with a generous amount of cheese but not enough turkey. I won’t be ordering this again as I had a bad allergic reaction to the cheese (I’m allergic to dairy), and my face broke out for an entire week. Not worth the allergies.

In any case, I was very impressed with several of my visits here but don’t expect much from service.

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