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l’air café néo bistro 風流小館- TAIPEI

November 26, 2012

One of BL’s friend who has a prospect of opening a bistro in Taipei recommended us to try L’Air Bistro near Yong Kang Street. We arrived at 6pm which is unusually early for dinner at a bistro, but BL had a red-eye flight back to LA to catch that night. We were a bit wary when we walked into the empty bistro. I think we were both wondering if it was one of those bistro-wannabe restaurants that looks of high-quality, but the food would be poorly executed. A sad but common phenomenon in Taipei. However, we remained positive since the bistro was suggested by some good friends, and the decor was visually to our liking; medium-toned woods, minimalist, rustic chic. We asked ourselves “why not?” and decided to go all out and order their signature menu.

Chef’s Signature Menu:

– Amuses Bouches 開胃小點- Shrimp Toast with Cheese Sticks 吐司蝦和奶酪棒– The shrimp toast was nice and light to start, and – the cheese sticks were very crispy and sufficiently lines your stomach to prepare for the big meal ahead. 
– Salmon, Orange Slices 鮭魚, 橙片–  A generous piece of tender salmon with refreshing citrus sauce and salad.
Hand-made Spinach Ravioli, Crab Meat 手工菠菜小方餃, 蟹肉- I enjoyed the fried crab meat on top, and the ravioli was ok but I didn’t think the two flavors worked that well together.
–  Pan-Fried Duck Liver Chicken Mousse, Fried Chestnut, and Chestnut Foam Soup 酥煎網油包鴨肝雞肉幕斯, 炸栗子與栗子泡沫湯– A really delicious foam soup with chestnuts! I really liked tasting the chestnuts bits. Although it’s made with cream, it wasn’t too creampy or overpowering.
Slow-braised beef, white wine beef sauce 嫚燉牛肉, 白酒牛肉汁
Avant Dessert 冰涼冰砂
Chef’s Dessert 主廚特製甜點- Deconstructed Chocolate Cake 解構後的巧克力蛋糕- Visually a show-stopper but probably the least stellar dish of the night.
Coffee or Tea 咖啡或茶– The tea was poured into a delicate porcelain cup, and the aroma of the oriental tea was wonderful.
NTD $2000 + 10% service

We were extremely impressed with the presentation, food, and the excellent service, we weren’t at all expecting. It’s truly a restaurant with Michelin standards. This is such a good addition to the city and I would love to come back!

L’Air Café Néo Bistro 風流小館
No. 5, Lane 164,  Jing Hua Street, Taipei

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