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June 28, 2012

I’ve probably said this a million times before but Pho Kim Long is the best place to satisfy hangover munchies.  It’s family style dining, affordable, quick, and soupy. What’s not to love? This time back, service felt a bit rushed and my server didn’t let me finish my order as she thought she knew exactly what I wanted and quickly nodded and went away. She later came back with the wrong order. “Excuse me, I wanted beef stew rice noodles, not beef stew rice” I responded (I made sure I emphasized noodles when I ordered).  She looked at me uninterested and said “oh” and dashed into the kitchen. A man came out afterwards and apologized for the mix-up and assured me that my beef stew noodles was on its way and that it may take a little longer to serve. I appreciated the warning. Half an hour later while my friends were picking on their left-over food, my order finally arrived and thank god it was worth the wait! 

Fried Spring Rolls
Crunch crunch. The crispy texture of the roll is the best wake up call for the appetite of an not-so-sober person.

Fried Egg Tofu
Extremely tender egg tofu surrounded with a thin layer of battered skin. Again, the server messed up our order because I asked for another tofu dish. However, my friends loved it but I found the tofu to be pretty bland.

Pork Chop on Rice
My boyfriend really favored the marinated sauce from his pork chop. Although the pork chop looks kinda dinky and wasn’t particularly tender, he was more than happy to devour this dish and was stuffed.
Beef Stew Noodles
I always order this at my all-time favorite East Asian restaurant the Phnom Penh in Vancouver, so I was extremely glad that I found a close competitor. I wanted something powerful in flavor and this was perfect! The beef was really tender and the beef tendons were legit. I wasn’t surprised that I got a stomach-ache shortly after this meal (notice the layer of oil) so eating something like this on a weak stomach wasn’t the best idea but oh well… it was only a matter of time until it went away.

Ugh, I’m getting hungry.
Give me some Pho Kim Long please!
That’s what she said. Hahaha…no.

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