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mon ami gabi- (PARIS) LAS VEGAS

June 23, 2012

THE GOOD: prime location, variety- serves breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner, delicious onion soup, affordable, outdoor seating, great for people watching, beautiful view of the Bellagio fountains

THE BAD:  food is overrated; we thought it was fine but nothing special to rave about, my arm was almost burnt off by the scorching sun

Onion Soup Au Gratin- baked with Gruyere cheese 8.25
Like most onion soups I’ve had I was afraid this one would be salty. However, it was perfectly seasoned and one of the best onion soups I’ve had. The soup base was full of flavor and a generous amount of savory melted cheese on top… so good!

Baked Goat Cheese- tomato sauce, warm herb garlic bread 8.95

Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese Crepe 12.95

Seafood Crepe- scallop, shrimp, peas, cream 13.95

Maine Lobster Roll- toasted brioche 17.95

Natural Chicken Paillard 18.95

Smoked Salmon & Egg salad Tartine- country bread, capers, lemon 12.95

It wasn’t as good as I hoped for but I loved the atmosphere and being able to enjoy affordable traditional French cuisine in Vegas. I’m already looking forward to my next meal at the MAG.

Mon Ami Gabi (Paris) on Urbanspoon

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