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jean phillipe patisserie- (ARIA) LAS VEGAS

June 19, 2012

BEST SANDWICHES EVER! We tried at least 4 different sandwiches at our stay at the Aria hotel. All of them were super delicious even after leaving them out overnight. It’s conveniently located right next to the guest elevators and it has everything from breakfast, desserts, snacks, to light meals.

Sandwiches were put on display but our orders always came fresh from the kitchen.


Sadly these were really dry.

 Ham & Cheese Croissant & Chicken Aioli Sandwich
Hands down not even kidding BEST ham & cheese croissant I’ve tasted. Although it was a bit greasy to eat with bare hands, the croissant was crispy and buttery and all of the ingredients together just melted in our mouths. It looked like there were crispy strips of a secret ingredient on the outside of the croissant that made it so deceiving good. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t make you feel greasy and icky after eating it. My boyfriend and I savored our sandwiches as we chilled by the pool.

Carrot Cupcake & Oreo Tiramisu
 On the right the carrot cupcake sits underneath a dome filled with cream which I found unnecessary. The carrot cake was perfectly flavored and wasn’t too sweet but the whole thing was way too moist. Next I had the oreo tiramisu which was really difficult to eat without making a floor of oreo crumbs. After 4-5 attempts of removing the oreo crumbs little by little and finally getting to the cake…  I took a bite and fell in love. Forgive me, I’ve sinned! Anyone who loves chocolate, dairy, and oreos will love this.

Turkey & Cheese Crepe
A decent crepe with a generous amount of cheese but not enough turkey. I won’t be ordering this again as I had a bad allergic reaction to the cheese (I’m allergic to dairy), and my face broke out for an entire week. Not worth the allergies.

In any case, I was very impressed with several of my visits here but don’t expect much from service.

Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie (Bellagio) on Urbanspoon

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