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zoca pizza (佐佧比薩)- TAIPEI

May 31, 2012

On a hangover day, I’m the type of gal that wakes up bright and early and all I can think about thereafter is food. It takes me a few hours to get out of bed while I contemplate and do google research on what and where to eat before I make up my mind. My food-obsessed ways scares me too but I always feel the need to eat epic hangover food in order to make the numbness in my taste buds and stomach to go away. And since my friends are gifted with amazing snoozing powers even after a crazy “TGIF”, I had to order a 10″ take-out pizza all to myself! Clearly, I was craving pizza and I craved it bad!

Tomatoes, Ricotta & Spinach Pizza
Thin pizza crust made with very fresh ingredients. The crust was soggy which didn’t bother me but I found it too chewy and not crispy enough. Disclaimer: crust not suitable for insatiable baby cousins. I also wished that the toppings weren’t all clustered in one place. Nevertheless, it was a good pizza but I wasn’t amazed. Maybe I should order a pizza with meat toppings next time.

P.S: Don’t be suprised if there is a wait and had never seen so many foreigners in one place at this part of town!

Zoca Pizza (佐佧比薩)
106 Taipei, Taiwan臨江街149號
No. 149, Línjiāng Street, Daan District  Taipei
+886 2 2707 2212

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