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tofu ya- LOS ANGELES

April 4, 2012

When I’m hungry and feeling indecisive, hungover, sick, cold, emo, concert-ready, or anything else really… I think about Tofu Ya. Situated on Sawtelle in West Los Angeles, It’s literally my go-to restaurant. I’m addicted to their red bubbling pots of soon dobu served with an egg and a bowl of rice.

Complimentary sides

Miso Soon Dobu
The broth is always flavourful and with generous chunks of soft tofu. The soup broth is pretty much the same for all soon dobu items so it really depends on what ingredients you want to eat with the soup. My favorite soon dobu flavors from Tofu Ya are actually the dumpling and clams. The dumplings are huge and tender with lots of minced pork and vegetables. As for clams, I just like eating them in general. The soon dobu with pieces of beef or pork meat are usually tough so I wouldn’t recommend it. Crack an egg immediately after your soon dobu is served and still boiling and whatever ingredient you ordered won’t even matter much because the spicy soup broth is super delish.

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