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landmark hot pot house (春秋火鍋)- VANCOUVER

March 13, 2012

My favorite hot-pot in Vancouver. I have been coming here since I was five. At times I heard rumors that they were closing, and for a huge chunk of time they were closed but only for renovations whew. I think it had to do with government fire hazard issues. Nevertheless, the same familiar faces remains and I need to know their secret because they haven’t aged! I always feel nostalgic and think about the family reunions we had here on cold winter days when most of my family still lived in Vancouver and I was still tiny and naive. The pattern was the same: find parking, take off poofy jackets, wait eagerly for broth to boil while we warm our hands over the pot, consume as many calories as we could in order to survive the killer winter cold.  It was also here when I first lit something on fire by accidentally pushing tissue paper too close to the stove and my brother had to put the fire out with Sprite. Another time I cried in front of 20 aunts & uncles while eating landmark’s delicious hot tofu pudding because it was the first time I ever saw my parents pick up a cigarette (it was late and 15 years ago when public smoking was okay). Haha, lots of memories of this place!

What makes them special? The satay broth is a popular choice amongst non-spicy eaters, and good-quality ingredients. Other MUST orders are the Chinese sausage sticky rice and hot tofu pudding for dessert! Service is a hit and miss (depending on the server, whether or not they know you, or if you can speak Cantonese), bathrooms are bearable, and there is free parking in the back.

Perfect meal for cold weather!

Landmark Hot Pot House 春秋火鍋 on Urbanspoon

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