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DIY: how to naturally color sugar …pink!

February 29, 2012

What a great way to spice up that boring cup of coffee or tea! I first saw pink granulated sugar at the Woo Bar in the W Hotel Taipei and instantly fell in love. So cute and whimsical. See below for instructions on how to create natural pink sugar using beets!

♥ Sugar
♥ Beets for natural coloring (the easier way is to use artificial pink food coloring)
♥ Water
♥ Small pot
♥ Bowl
♥ Spoon
♥ Knife

1. Peel beets and cut into chunks
2. Add them into a small pot and fill it with just enough water so that all the beets are covered
3. Let it simmer until beets are soft and the color has turned red ~30 min.
4. Remove the beets from pot and let water cool until room temperature
5. Put desired amount of sugar into mixing bowl
6. Take beet water and drip onto sugar (start by a few drops and adjust according to the intensity of pink you like)
7. Use spoon to mix and smush sugar until color is evenly distributed

A great activity to do with kids and fun to sprinkle over cookies & cakes.
Happy decorating!

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