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dancing pig (豬跳舞小餐館)- TAIPEI

February 23, 2012

My Valentine’s Day lunch at ABU was followed by dinner at the Dancing Pig near the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Haha what a silly name! My girlfriends and I got together and chatted about our long distance relationships and gossiped our night away over white wine and Italian food.

First off, I was surprised by these beautiful flowers my boyfriend had sent me as I returned home from work that day. He ordered them online and they were delivered directly to my doorsteps. CNFlower makes the most amazing flower arrangements! Each and every one of the petals were simply flawless.

I wore all pink to show-off my spirit for LOVE hehe.

Somewhat cute and slightly obnoxious looking graphics.

Assorted Charcuterie Plate
Oink, oink.

Crispy Skin Half Chicken w/Veg and Starch
Glad to see English on the menu but the name of this dish is a bit misleading no? I thought this was a solid dish. Meat was tender and juicy.

Risotto in Gravy with Stewed Pork Tongue
The most popular dish of the night was packed with flavor. The meat was soft and tender and had none of that gamy taste I can’t stand. Unaware of what risotto we had ordered and wondering why the meat was so tender I almost fainted when my friends told me I was eating tongue, but I could have guessed it. I got to admit though… that’s some delicious tongue. Ew, can’t believe I said that.

Bouillabaisse served w/Bread and Rouille
My favorite dish. The tomato base soup tasted healthy and refreshing and there were plenty of tender fish meat. Other ingredients included clams, shrimps, and squid.

Baked Pudding Bread w/Vanilla Ice-cream
Rahh I burned my tongue while eating this damn pudding and it wasn’t even good. I tried to heal it with some ice-cream but it was too sweet. Not worth it.

We also ordered a pasta dish that turned out okay and a whole bottle of white wine. Service was fun, decor is homely, semi open-kitchen, and the food was above average. It was a fun night and I wouldn’t mind returning.

Dancing Pig
48, Ln 290 Guangfu S Rd, Taipei City
(02) 2731-6469

After dinner we continued the celebration at Cashbox KTV…


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