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February 20, 2012

Susiecakes makes me loathe my sweet-tooth. I’m like a cupcake addict hooked onto Susiecakes cupcakes and all the sugar intake is making me fat, crash, or both. Oh well, life is short. After this, I have been back 3 times for my not-so-daily cupcake fix anytime I get the chance. ♥

It certainly doesn’t have that ‘cupcake chic’ appeal that Sprinkles possesses. It’s more down to earth and screams soccer moms. Not that I’m making fun of soccer moms or anything…
Vanilla, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Strawberry (3/each)
So moist and fluffy! Unlike Sprinkles, their icing is softer, less sweet, and the icing to cake ratio is much more balanced. My favorite cupcakes from Susiecakes are the red velvet and vanilla. Also try their buttermilk chocolate if you spot them because they don’t have that on the menu! Om nom nom.

When life gives you cupcakes… you devour them!

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