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ABU authentic cuisine (阿布法國料理)- TAIPEI

February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to all the people you care about and having the courage to tell them you love them in any type of form. I used to think the focus was just between two people in love, but it’s really also about family and friends. I had a nice Valentine’s Day lunch with my parents at the French restaurant ABU authentic cuisine near the Ren Ai circle. I’ve celebrated birthday’s, anniversary’s, graduation, and farewell dinners there and was not once disappointed. I’m always impressed with the romantic atmosphere, attentive service, and exquisite high-quality food. Mind you, I came out for this meal during my strict one hour lunch break with no intention of finishing their 5 set lunch course (less than $2000 per person). However, the servers took note of it and the food was served dish after dish until I had 10 minutes left to walk back to my office. Perfect timing.

Bread Basket
Assorted French pastries. Served warm. Some sweet, some salty, and all delicious. My favorite was the bread with dried fruits and raisin. Spreads include olive oil, tuna, and butter.

Foie Gras Pate- potato, grape, arugula, fig
Visually appetizing and it tasted even better. The potato didnt’ have much flavor but was a good side to balance the creamy texture of the pate. The fig and grapes were refreshing, their sweet fruity aroma is always a great addition to foie gras.

Lobster Bisque
Finally a bisque that isn’t over-creamed. This was delicious but maybe a tad salty. I was pleased to find two huge chunks of lobster meat.

Fish in Clam Stew
It’s kind of genius how they fried the skin of the fish because usually the texture of crispy/breaded fish skin always turns out weird, but this one was so crisp and not oily which I liked. The crispy skin also looks visually beautiful by showing off its texture reminding me of raw crystal rocks.

Ox Tongue
My mom took the first bite out of my dad’s ox tongue dish and said it was “very tender”. Except she said it in a negative tone which left my dad and I scratching our heads and confused. Seeing this, she added by saying that it was “too tender” to the point that it lacked texture. Still, my father appreciated that it was that tender and thought it was pretty good.

Sorry, my dad sort of ruined the plating of the dish by trying to put a piece of ox tongue on my mom’s dish. Another apology for not knowing what beef dish this is. My mom had one bite of it and again said that it was “very tender”. Not sure if she meant it in a good way or bad way this time. She ended up packing the rest of it to go because she was so stuffed.

Coffee & Tea

Sorbet and Pudding
Interesting combination and oddly refreshing.

Chestnut Tower
This was so fricken delicious. It looks difficult to eat but simply tap the top layer with the fork from top to bottom and the tower breaks evenly through. I ate this in 3 sections with no crumbs or ingredients coming apart. Wow. The best part was the chestnut that was just mildly sweet and very pure. A light dessert like this is perfect for lunch.

After a gratifying lunch at ABU and what felt like an eternity at work, I came home to this:

Absolutely stunning flowers from the boyfriend ♥.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

ABU authentic cuisine (阿布法國料理)
28 Siwei Rd, Taipei
(02) 2707-0699

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