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mercato di vetro- LOS ANGELES

February 9, 2012

Mercato di Vetro in West Hollywood is a little too “Hollywood” for me but the change of scene was amusing. This new SBE establishment lives up to its reputation by attracting celebrities, beautiful and snobby-looking crowds, serious cars at the valet, high-energy atmosphere, and better than average Italian food. However, the decor wasn’t as ‘hip’ as I imagined it and the food wasn’t nearly as good as I had hoped for. The seating was tight and left me saying “excuse me” a few times as I squirmed my way to the washroom. Nevertheless my boyfriend and I liked our friendly and knowledgeable server who checked up on us many times, but it also took us fifteen minutes to wave him down for our bill. It was frustrating but we let it go since it was busy and the dim lighting and loud crowds weren’t helping. Also at the time, some big shot customer walked in and people started to look frantic. And well… we’re no celebrity. Hah.

Lots of selection for antipasti and small plates.

We sat on the second floor facing the open space which I liked, but my seat was almost cornered to the wall with no walking space left behind.

Clement Merlo ($14) & Pear Bellini

Kale Crostini- ricotta, pine nuts, currants & Tomato Crostini -ricotta, basil, balsamic ($5/each)
My boyfriend loved the kale crostini while I preferred the tomato crostini.  They were crunchy and full of flavor. I regret not ordering the chicken liver crostini.

Raviolo- potato, ricotta, egg ($14)
Sorry for the blurry picture.  My only complaint was that the ravioli was undercooked which is quite crucial to judging the overall dish. Other then that, the flavors went well together and it didn’t feel too heavy.

Pescatore- shrimps, scallops, clams, mussels ($17)
I’m spoiled by eating the most beautiful hand-made pasta made by Rustic Canyon (which reminds me to blog about it next), therefore the texture of regular pasta hardly captivates me anymore. Nevertheless, the pasta was tender and the seafood tomato sauce was made well.

Sausage & Egg Pizza- pepper relish, scallions, fresno chillies ($14)
The first thing we noticed was that the egg was on top of only one slice of pizza. We enjoyed the flavorful sausage, but the soggy pizza dough was a big minus.

Bombilini/ Warm Doughnut Holes ($10)
We had to go with their famous warm doughnuts for desserts. They were warm and chewy and I would’ve easily finished all of it and licked my plate too, but my boyfriend made a good point by asking “don’t all doughnuts tastes this good when warmed up?”

Overall, we really enjoyed our date night at Mercato di Vetro. I would come back for drinks and small plates next time.

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