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sugarfish by sushi nozawa- (brentwood) LOS ANGELES

February 8, 2012

It was good but it really wasn’t THAT good. If you had great sushi in Asia, Sugarfish would probably be a disappointment. The wait was only fifteen minutes for a 7:30 Dine LA night for 4 and our server was great. All of us ordered the Dine LA menu ($34) which is almost the equivalent to their Nozawa menu ($39) that consists of nigiri rolls and hand rolls. I wanted to order a hot dish to go with my meal but there wasn’t any not even miso-soup, so I looked for dessert instead and there wasn’t any either. So after a few pieces of sashimi that brought an end to our pricey dinner, some of us didn’t feel full or completely satisfied. It’s kind of like eating a healthy salad, there’s just something missing. Anyways, our food came out too fast and we felt pretty rushed. After consuming all the nigiri rolls we questioned if we only just begun, but sadly there were only 3 dishes left on our menu. Nevertheless, everything but one dish was impressively fresh and was melt-in-your-mouth delicious as high-quality sushi should be. What wasn’t fresh was the blue crab roll that tasted like an abandoned shrimping aquarium. I’m sure it was just an off-night since our friends who had it the previous night didn’t have this problem.

Dine LA Menu ($34):

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa in Brentwood.

We all ordered hot tea which we later realized we had to pay for.

Organic Edamame
I don’t think it’s necessary to have edamame printed on the menu as it is usually a complimentary appetizer.

Tuna Sashimi
Good but not memorable.

Albacore Sushi, Salmon Sushi
Both were soft tender pieces of joy. I really enjoyed the sesame on the salmon. The vinegar rice is warm but sometimes overdressed.

Yellowtail Sushi, Halibut Sushi, Scallop
How do you describe delicious sashimi other than “melts-in-your-mouth?” Well, all of these did and what fitted this description best were the scallops. It was the winning sashimi of the night.

Toro Hand Roll
We were all stuffed with rice at this point. This was okay. Again not particularly memorable.

Blue Crab Hand Roll
This was supposed to be delicious and I can see why, but this batch was very unfresh and our mouth’s tasted like rotted seafood. It really killed the overall experience because this dish was supposed to be like the grand finale. Fail.

“Daily Special” Unagi Roll
There was a big sigh of relief when our unagi roll was served. It was the one thing that was mildly warm and allowed us to momentarily forget the crab-gone-bad taste.

Needless to say, there aren’t many traditional sushi joints like this in LA and I can definitely count on Sugarfish to fulfill my next sushi craving but only if I was looking for a light lunch. And if I ever have $500 to splurge on sushi? Urasawa on Rodeo is what I’m really dying to try.

SUGARFISH Brentwood on Urbanspoon

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