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woolloomooloo restaurant & cafe- TAIPEI

February 1, 2012

I had my birthday gathering at Woolloomooloo at the new Xinyi location last weekend with my dearest friends. No I am not babbling nor am I inventing a weird sound. Woolloomooloo is the name of this upcoming eatery especially well-known for it’s brunch. Beyond their breakfast items they also serve pastas, pizzas, and even Vietnamese pho. I popped my head in to check out this cute spot that caught my eye while I was on the way to 101 and was instantly intrigued by the display of baked goods and decorations of hanging light bulbs, grey walls & floors, and wooden communal tables. Later in the evening at 9 pm, the first floor looked like a trendy industrial ware-house inspired lounge with many foreigners and patrons sipping on champagne and wine. I thought that I was back in the Vancouver for a minute. Upstairs was much more spacious and consisted of large dining tables and an outdoor balcony with more seating.

Menu// Charcuterie Plate
I was hoping for better condiments that could’ve included fruits and different types of cured meats.

Moet Champagne// Mushroom Risotto
My friend brought a bottle of Moet Champagne and the corkage fee cost us TWD500. The risotto was decent but tasted like any other mushroom risottos I’ve had.
Both pastas were tender and had nice flavors but it wasn’t memorable. 

Four Cheese Pizza// Spinach Pizza
The pizzas had delicious toppings and the thin crust was crispy all the way through. I liked the spinach pizza the best because I like vegetables with my carbs.

I wish they didn’t sprinkle white granulated sugar on top of the cake but I guess it gave it a nice sweet crunch. The cake had a strong coffee profile and it wasn’t too sweet. I would come back for this.

My expectations of Woolloomooloo were high to begin with so I was a little disappointed. Nothing was bad but nothing stood out either. Next time I’m going specifically for desserts & coffee. The cheesecakes and brownies on display looks heavenly!

379, Xinyi Rd Sec 4, Taipei City
(02) 8789-0128

My girlfriend also bought me the cutest Hello Kitty chocolate cake from Hello Kitty Sweets for dessert. Adorable!

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