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January 30, 2012

I met Michael Voltaggio and he was fantastic!

Ink was innovative, interesting, and unexpected. It’s really hard for me to go beyond these words because the whole experience seem so subjective. I appreciated all aspects of creativity visually and in texture, but the food just didn’t hit home run like anticipated. I feel lucky to have dined at Ink, but it’s more a one-time food adventure I will always remember.

At the bar I had the vodka w/lime, ginger, soda ($10) and the boyfriend had the sangiovese/merlot/sagrantino scacciadiavoli, montefalco, umbria ($13)

We both ordered the tasting menu and shared an crab appetizer.

The Voltaggio brothers working hard in the kitchen. My starstruck boyfriend couldn’t stop staring.

Crab- charred avocado, whipped fish sauce, mushroom chicharron ($14)

Charcoal grilled monterey squid- salt cod-potato cream, almond milk

Foie Gras- waffle, smoked maple, hot sauce
Nothing I’ve ever had nor expected it to be. Imagine an foie gras ice-cream but not…

Skate wing- mushroom oatmeal, mushroom hay

Beef Cheek- carrots, tofu mustard, nasturtium

I don’t usually like the gamy taste of red beef, but this was marinated well and very tender.

Chocolate Ganache- coffee cream, sesame cake, chocolate ice-cream
It was difficult to appreciate the textures all at once so I ate the ingredients separately.

Apple, vanilla ice-cream, creme caramel, burnt wood sabayon
My boyfriend thought this was one of a kind and absolutely delicious.

My advice is to keep an open mind and order the signature menu. Here, it’s all about trying new things and enjoying the experience.

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