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southland flavor cafe (台南風味小吃)- CUPERTINO

January 12, 2012

FEAR NOT my Taiwanese friends living in the Bay area, Southland Flavor Cafe tastes just like home. Located in Cupertino Village the ultimate FOB central, and a few doors down from Korea Tofu House, this casual eatery has one of the most authentic Taiwanese food in North America that I’ve had. Every Chinese Asian would probably share the same sentiments in that Southern Taiwanese cuisine represents the best food in the country, and reminds us of our childhood and grandmother’s cooking.


Stewed Pork Chops

Stir-fried Noodles w/ Pork, Cabbage
Tastes A LOT better than it looks.

Stir-fried Rice Vermicelli w/ Mushrooms, Cabbage

Pork Chop Rice
Devoured in seconds.

Stir-fried Cabbage

Deep-fried Steamed Buns
You are missing out if you’ve never had these buns! It’s simply a steamed bun with crispy skin. Sounds simple, but so delicious. The white dipping sauce on the side is condensed milk.

Minced/Ground Pork Rice Vermicelli Soup

Intestine Tofu Stew

Oyster Pancakes
The staple of Taiwanese food. Need I say more?

Green Onion/Scallion Pancakes

Fried Stinky Tof

Prices generally range from $4-$7 per dish so its pretty awesome value. After our homesome and delicious meal, we walked a few establishments down and got ourselves some Taiwanese bubble tea. Ahh I love Cupertino Village.

Southland Taste on Urbanspoon

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