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osteria by angie > visit two- TAIPEI

January 10, 2012

The first thing my boyfriend said when we sat down was “the decor could do some work”, and although I disagreed, the place didn’t look as fancy in the daytime than my previous visit here. I still really liked the details of the wooden floors and chairs, brown leather sofas, grey stone walls, and the interestingly shaped wooden and ceramic platters. However, it was very disappointing that the service was not up to standards. I was exceptionally bothered by the fact that our server took our orders behind the sofa from where we were seated. I found it pretty awkward and disrespectful. Their lack of knowledge about the menu and passive attitudes were also unhelpful. A bit critical I know, but I’d expect the waitress coming from a high-quality and well respected Italian restaurant to at least know what the ‘soup of the day’ was.

Two of us had the Lunch Set that included a choice of appetizer, daily soup, main, dessert, and coffee/tea. Prices includes the whole lunch set.
Fresh Baked Bread & Olive Oil w/ Vinaigrette
Warm and crisp.
Granchio fritto– Crispy soft shell crab, romaine lettuce, mediterranean dip
Nice flavours. The soft shell crab takes a literal approach and wasn’t overly battered and at-all crunchy which I appreciated. It was soft on the outside, and crispy when you hit the crab.
Bruschetta con prosciutto Parma Ham and tomato bruschetta, served with seasonal salad
The salad was tossed in plain vinegar; simple and light. The bruschetta was filled with fresh tomato’s that spilled everywhere as I ate, and the bread was lightly toasted and remained its crunchy texture even with olive oil drizzled on top. After my embarrassing encounter with the bruschetta, my boyfriend taught me the ‘correct’ way to eat tapas by Anthony Bourdain; lightly pinch the parma ham with your index finger while holding the bread with your thumb and middle finger. This way, none of the ingredients underneath would fall out. This takes practice though, trust me.

After the appetizers, we had the daily soup which is my favorite Traditional Tuscany Style Tomato Soup. I liked it the first time before, but this time it was even more savory. Anything that makes me feel healthy will make me happy, hee.

Spaghetti chitarra amatriciana- Home made Chitarra spaghetti tossed with tomato and pancetta, Pecorino cheese ($750)
Chitarra is “pasta guitar” in Italian. It’s technically a ‘kitchen guitar’ and organ-like equipment that cuts fresh pasta into strands. It gives pasta a texture that is dense and chewy. I tend to find traditional Italian spaghetti too tough for my liking, but this was made very tender and chewy unlike the pasta I had at Osteria in the past. My boyfriend and aunt found the Pecorino cheese too salty but I thought it complimented the dish perfectly.
Quattro funghi– Mozzarella cheese and four kinds of mushroom (a la carte $550)
We were originally going to order the truffle pizza before learning it was marked $2000!? Soo we opted for the mushroom pizza instead. The crust is naam-like or pita bread than crispy crunchy Italian flat breads. It wasn’t what I was expecting and hoping for but it works.20120111-092024.jpg
Osteria Dessert Combination- mango creme brulee, puff pastry with custard filling, tiramisu

The Lunch Set Menu was well worth it. The food was exquisite and we were all super stuffed. My final complaint is that I wish our server who wanted to explain billing issues, hadn’t displayed our bill in the wide open, or spoke of it’s numbers when it was clearly my treat! Come on now…

Osteria by Angie
No33, Lane 280, Guangfu South Road,
Da-na district, Taipei City, TAIWAN
TEL +886 2 2711-0385

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