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cloudy cupcakes (克勞蒂杯子蛋糕)- TAIPEI

December 22, 2011

So tempted to say cloudy with the chance of cupcakes but I present you with: Cloudy Cupcakes

Cloudy Cupcakes is probably the most popular and the only ‘real’ cupcake store in Taipei that isn’t only for online orders. They are certainly setting the cupcake trend here in Taiwan. Cupcakes have revolutionized these past few years and have become more than just delicious treats. They are also staples of art, creativity, and even fashion! But also occasionally taken too far like in the reality show Cupcake Wars. BLECK. Who wants to eat bubblegum flavored cupcakes?

 24 Cloudy Cupcakes were delivered to my work place in a styrofoam box (why styrofoam?!). Everyone was squealing over them and trying to capture the images of these adorable cupcakes adorned with Christmas decorations. Yes, I work with 90% females, and we live in a cupcake deprived country so you could only imagine how it went.

I’ve had Cloudy Cupcakes at their Xin Yi Eslite location before and neither times was I truly satisfied. I think the best one’s I’ve had were the lemon and chocolate cupcakes with no filling. The lemon cupcake was moist and tasted like lemon, and the icing was made with lemon zest. As for the chocolate, it wasn’t too sweet and tasted more like dark chocolate. Today I tried the strawberry and caramel cupcakes from their “fruit fiesta” collection and was not impressed. The muffins were not fluffy, and the flavours weren’t obvious enough to figure out what it was without knowing. Although the x-mas details on the ‘icing’ were delightful, the cream tasted grossly artificial and had zero flavor. None, nada… Nothing special at all.

After 2/3 failed attempts in trying genuinely hard to like their cupcakes, I’m convinced that the only time I enjoyed it was probably because I was starving. Nonetheless, I give it a lot of credit for being the first cupcake store to hit shopping malls, and for it’s adorable cupcake creations that many Taiwanese girls will for sure dig!

cloudy cupcakes (克勞蒂杯子蛋糕)
B2 誠品百貨信義店 / B3 京站店

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  1. December 22, 2011 1:14 am

    it seems so delicious .like to taste them

  2. Juliet permalink
    May 23, 2012 11:07 pm

    I have had Cloudy cupcakes and totally agree. They look very nice but they are very pricey. Their cupcakes are dry and dense for me.


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