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home plate- SAN FRANCISCO

November 30, 2011

Zach took Erin & I to Home Plate for some delicious and affordable breakfast food on our first morning together in San Francisco. I had never heard of the place before but Zach promised that it was popular and I trusted his good taste. But although the food was homey, it wasn’t exactly memorable. If I was living in SF, I can imagine this as one of my “go-to” breakfast hang-out places… but maybe not my first choice to bring visitors. Nevertheless, I’m glad I got to experience where real SF-ers go to eat breakfast. Besides, nothing beats hearty home-styled American breakfast food on a deathly hung-over morning…

I miss the summer breeze and clear blue skies that make SF so beautiful.

Hmm…lots to choose from.

Complimentary Scones

Home-run special french toast, hash brown (subs. egg), pork sausage ($8.25)
I didn’t care too much for the hash brown and the french toast was better with butter/jam.


Eggs Benedict two poached eggs, applewood-smoked ham, hollandaise sauce, on an english muffin ($8.45)

After breakfast, we shopped at vintage stores & boutique shops in the Marina district.

Shopping therapy at Union Square.

And into the Contemporary Jewish Museum we go…

Home Plate on Urbanspoon

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