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cuivre- SHANGHAI

November 25, 2011

Chef Michael Wendling’s concept of Cuivre (French for “copper”) is pretty genius.  A restaurant,  lounge, and wine bar all in one amazing space accented with copper walls and wooden strips. The tables were quickly filled with many expats and good-looking people who seemed relaxed and deeply engaged in conversation.

Spectacular lights.


Ipad’s are the new menus.

Bread w/ Walnuts
Smart marketing strategy to serve bread in brown paper bags. Gives it a fresh, rustic, and convenient appeal.

Terrine de Foie Gras- traditional goose liver “au torchon” marinated with cognac, poached cherries and fresh mint w/ toast on the side
The terrine was wonderfully fine and smooth and it had the perfect hint of sweetness. Not gamy or greasy at all. Unbelievably delicious!

Assiette de Charcuterie- classic cold cut tray (dry ham, cooked ham, spicy salami, coppa) served with salted butter and pickle

Seared Fish w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes

A light and refreshing appetizer.

Soupe a la Truffe- emulsion of black truffle and white bean soup w/ toast on the side
One of their more popular appetizers.

Tartare de Boeuf au Bouteau- hand chopped Australian Angus beef tartar with condiments and Dijon mustard
I’m not a fan of rare beef because of the gamy taste, but the texture was good and I couldn’t really tell that it was beef at all.

Les escargots d’Antoinette- baked snail in garlic butter, tomato concasse and roasted pancetta

Nom nom nom. Notice the side of fries also served in paper bags. Eat it while it’s hot because it gets soggy quickly.

Bavette a l’echalotte- grilled wagyu beef flank served with shallot and red wine sauce

The flavors were good but the meat was over-cooked.

Yaourt- home-made vanilla yogurt, fresh diced mango and slice mint
Not exactly what I had in mind. An easy eat because it wasn’t too rich or sour, but it’s not something I would order again. It would be a completely different story if I had this for brunch…

Chocolate with Vanilla Ice-cream
One of the more popular desserts recommended by the waiter. I though I was eating a candy bar, crunchy, and tasted like Ferrero Roche. The vanilla ice-cream saved it for me.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food and ambiance. We were neglected by our waiter for a while, but we’ll let that slide. Important side note: they don’t charge for corkage, hooray.

1502 Middle Huaihai Road (near Wulumuqi), Shanghai
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