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azul tapas lounge- SHANGHAI

November 22, 2011

The best-value set lunch in the city. This Peruvian tapas lounge is humbly embellished with a Latin American flair. Can’t say I love the space but it oozes comfort.

Old-fashioned white linen table cloths and napkins. The four seat tables were abnormally long but whatever.

Complimentary Bread
My mom loved these pastries which says a lot. We really enjoyed the flavors of the spice and the texture of the dough. All the spreads and dipping sauce were uniquely delicious.

Bruschetta- prawns, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese
Scrumptious. The bread was toasted perfectly and it didn’t appear soggy even with all the olive oil and generous toppings.

Smoked Salmon Crepe- horseradish cream, tomato relish

Tuna & Potato Causas Salad
My mom drooled when she saw this dish served at another table and so she ordered it. I am assuming that the green color from the potatoes are from avocado’s? Nevertheless, it tasted just as good as it looks.

Peruvian Pork Sandwich fried pork, onion salsa, sweet potatoes
The pork was on the dry side but the smoky flavor of the meat didn’t stop me from completing the dish. The fries were good too.

Beef Burger egg, fried banana
The quality of this burger was top-notch. The beef patty is definitely combined with some higher grade beef.

Cod Fish w/ Seafood Rice “Peruvian Style”
My dad wanted something light and was satisfied with his choice. I can eat bowls and bowls of that rice.

Black Coffee
Aside from the passion fruit water I chose as a drink included in the set lunch (they also have beer, sangria, and wine), coffee and tea is also accompanied after the meal. The coffee was just okay but I was glad to have it with my dessert.
Classic Tiramisu- mascarpone, amaretto, espresso
The classic tiramisu didn’t seem all that classic. The cream filling was thicker than usual, and the mascarpone was more cake-like. Although it was different, I thoroughly enjoyed it and finished the whole piece all by myself! I wouldn’t have been able to have done it if the cake was sweeter. The sugar input was just right.

After lunch we were so stuffed we could barely move. The portions are big, the food is delicious, and the value is fantastic. The servers on the other hand could learn to be more passionate about their jobs. Just saying.

Azul Tapas Lounge
18 Dongping Rd. near Wulumuqi Rd., Shanghai
東平路18號 近烏魯木齊路
+86 6433-1172


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