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today i ate steel-cut oats w/soy milk & side of banana, kiwi, and banana bread

November 7, 2011

I always start off the day with a fulfilling and almost 😉 healthy breakfast!

steel-cut oats w/soy milk- side of banana, kiwi, and banana bread
I usually soak my steel-cut oats in water and a teaspoon of lemon for 24 hours before cooking. I do this to save half the time of cooking oats the next day. I also added a teaspoon of agave nectar in my steel-cut oats and poured in my home-made soy milk into my bowl. Any type of fruits to go with oatmeal is OK and today i chose banana and kiwi so I have flavor profiles of sweet and sour. I realized that eating oatmeal alone for breakfast doesn’t last me very long in the mornings, so I’d usually throw in something extra like a bowl of cereal, toast, and in this case a slice of banana bread.

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  1. Stefan Mahnken permalink
    November 19, 2012 1:34 am

    There has been some controversy over protein milk which says that it contains phytoestrogens which can affect the human body. ;

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