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long shao yeh seafood (龍少爺)- TAIPEI

November 6, 2011

Hello, it’s CRAB season!! If said aloud in front of my parents, they’d be jumping up and down for joy. 處女蟳 is  ‘virgin hairy sea crab’ as translated by google translation. The name sounds off-putting in English, but it’s a huge Chinese delicacy that originated in Shanghai province, the largest crab breeding port in China. This particular crab is sweeter and abundant with roe (the yellow stuff which are eggs). The more roe it has, the more valuable it is. 

Virgin Sea Crab (處女蟳)
“It’s education. Don’t be scared to be messy a bit. It’s part of the deal. It’s not a complex thing to eat once you get the hang of it.” – Hilton Shanghai hotel executive chef Emmanuel Souliere

Chinese Birthday Buns (壽桃)
NOT made from Long Shao Yeh’s kitchen, my uncle suddenly brought in an enormous birthday bun stuffed with mini birthday buns to celebrate his birthday! So cute! These buns are created to resemble a peach which is symbolic for longevity in the Chinese culture. The buns are fluffy and the hot sweet bean paste inside is heavenly. A good surprise following our crab meal.

  Happy Crab Eating!

Long Shao Yeh Seafood (龍少爺)

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