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fifteen pizzeria napoletana (15那不勒斯披薩屋)- TAIPEI

November 6, 2011

Weekly dinner date with the girls at Fifteen Pizza near Taipei City Hall MRT station. Having already reached the quota of my no carb diet after 6pm for at least 50% of the week,  i didn’t eat one slice of pizza at Fifteen Pizza. Several of my friends mentioned their famous ‘thin crust pizzas’,  but I must’ve looked disappointed when it was served. The pizza’s were not so thin. In fact, my best friend ended up with a mountain of crusts on her plate. When they stopped eating, i nibbled on the toppings of the pizza so I didn’t seem lame and not have had any pizza at a pizza restaurant. I’m a little biased in my brief reviews since i didn’t consume a whole piece of pizza, but i still think Just in Bistro & Wine Bar has the best thin crust pizza in Taipei. Sorry fifteen pizza, I’ll come back for you after i shed some pounds!

Mozzarella Parma Ham w/Baby Tomatoes (芝士,帕爾瑪火腿,小番茄冷盤)
I feel like I don’t know how to completely enjoy mozzarella cheese, because cold mozzarella cheese always tastes pretty bland to me. Yet compared to all the mozzarella tomato salads I’ve had, this was a decent dish.
Red Wine Stir Fried Mushrooms 紅酒醋炒綜合菇類
Flavorful and juicy mushrooms.

Balsamic Vinaigrette Italian Salad (義式油醋綜合鮮蔬沙拉)
This was a very modest garden salad with shaved parmesan cheese. A good side dish to pair with heavier dishes.

White Truffle Mushroom Pizza (白松露蘑菇羅勒)
This was the best pizza of the meal. The unique taste of the white truffle really shines through. White truffle, mushroom and cheese is the perfect combination.
Florentine Pizza (義式鮮蔬烘蛋)
This looks better than it tastes. It was bland and a few of my friends complained about the soggy texture of the spinach.

Smoked Salmon W/Caviar Pizza 魚子醬燻鮭魚
This was also pretty popular at the dinner table. Not a big fan of smoked salmon but it was of good quality.

Have a pizza craving? Check out Fifteen Pizzeria Napolenta near Taipei City Hall.

15 Pizza (15那不勒斯披薩屋-光復店)

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