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osteria by angie- TAIPEI

September 9, 2011

“food prepared from heart and soul” is what osteria by angie claims to be. the italian restaurant is located by dr. sun yat sen memorial hall in one of the recently developed alleys filled with boutiques and restaurants.  it’s easy to miss because of its tucked away entrance and dimly lit sign against the elephant-grey stone wall. the interior is mostly white highlighted by the same grey and decorated with modern yet elegant furnitures. on the menu, they had everything from cold cuts, pizzas, spaghetti, to seafood and meats.

complimentary bread w/olive & balsamic oil
normally i love ciabatta bread but this one was very greasy and tasted dry and stale.

iberico ham and parma ham 義大利風乾火腿 搭配私房小菜 ($880)
eating cold cuts without cheese or fruits is like eating sashimi without soy sauce for me. the quality was obviously good but i wish one of the two hams were salami instead.

seasonal salad ,avocado and walnuts 季節沙拉, 酪梨, 核桃 ($350)
your typical fresh salad tossed in olive oil.

seafood soup with garlic bruschetta 綜合海鮮湯, 搭配大蒜麵包 ($380)
really authentic and delicious seafood soup base. their soups are quite big so the picture above is only half the order shared between my dad and brother.

 my mom and i shared the tomato soup ($280) which was a very healthy dish purely stewed from fresh tomatoes.

linguine tossed with seasonal seafood in tomato sauce 海鮮細扁麵, 搭配, 蕃茄醬汁 ($580)
really liked the harder and QQ texture of the linguine. makes me feel like im in italy again.

tomato, mozzarella cheese, rocket salad and parma ham 蕃茄醬汁, 水牛馬芝拉起司, 芝蔴葉, 帕瑪火腿 ($580)
the waiter recommended this pizza since my mom and i had a hard time deciding which flavor to chose. it looked amazing when served… but you know that anticipation of being blown away by something when your noming away on something that looks completley delicious and your already ready to make the ‘mMMMm’ sound? yeah none of that happened. it was just, well, good.

fish of the day
i cant remember what fish this is but we were told that it came fresh off the plane. the meat was unique. it had a fish texture i wasn’t familiar with but a really tender and delicate one. cooked to perfection.  my whole family enjoyed it.

for our last course, we all shared a mouth-watering traditional tiramisu ($350). i tried to control myself by not over-eating but that didn’t turn out too well once i took the first bite. the cream was rich and super yummy, and the cake was moist with a strong coffee profile.

generally speaking, we had a nice evening. the dishes were a bit of a hit and miss for me but it’s nice to know that they really emphasize the use of fresh and authentic ingredients. soon, i will come back and try their other dishes!

osteria by angie
no33, lane 280, guangfu south road,
da-na district, taipei, taiwan
TEL +886 2 2711-0385


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