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brown dog cafe- VANCOUVER

September 8, 2011

don’t be mistaken, brown dog cafe is NOT a dog store but a family-owned business located in point grey by UBC. they are most popular for their lunch/brunch menu serving scrambled eggs, sandwiches, muffins, etc.  i like how its close to school, has a cozy and peaceful setting, and most importantly they are able to substitute egg for tofu (yay for vegetarians and those that are allergic to dairy products). even after having tried the breakfast at the naam before, brown dog cafe still serves the best scrambled tofu in my opinion. service-wise, big kudos to their friendly staff.

coffee w/milk & complimentary corn bread
the complimentary pastry comes with a few other drinks as well. they also give out other pastries like mini blueberry muffins etc. depending on the day. it’s  such a small gesture but it makes a huge difference on getting customers to come back!  oh, and their coffee is proudly served organic.

little dog breakfast- eggs (substituted for tofu),  sausage, and multi-grain toast ($10.95)
there are different combination’s to the little dog breakfast depending on what ingredients you choose. im usually scared of overly greasy sausages but was relieved that this was not the case. the sausage was tasty, the tofu reminded me of eggs, and the multi-grain bread is fresh, crunchy, and healthy! ketchup is recommended.

sausage n’ eggs n’ sourdough toast ($8.75)
B gave the sourdough bread a nod of approval.

it’s difficult to find hearty american breakfast that isn’t too heavy but brown dog cafe does it right. im just in love with their fresh pastries & tofu scramble! & fyi, i learned today that the ‘celebrity chef’ at brown dog has made brownies specially requested by mick jagger .. whoa! taipei is in desperation of breakfast places like this one.

Brown Dog Cafe on Urbanspoon

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