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a-plus dining sake bar (花酒蔵)- TAIPEI

September 8, 2011

blogging this fresh from my tummy, a-plus is a restaurant and sake bar positioned on an he road right by the tun hua eslite bookstore. it’s one of those more high-end sushi places that you’ll find in vancouver like hapa or ebisu that serves fusion sushi of all sorts. although i wasn’t a fan of its decorations and so-so service, a-plus is cozy and the food quality is enough to fulfill my cravings for japanese food.

(pictures from my iphone)

fruit & seafood salad w/japanese dressing
apples, tomatoes, shrimps, squid, veggies, and a citrus sesame dressing makes up this dish. when served, the huge amount of dressing looked a bit blah on top of the bed of veggies but it tasted alright.

beef carpaccio
 i prefer beef carpaccio that is thinner than the one we had here. im also not a big beef eater so i thought this was just okay.

uni & nigiri rolls
the fish in the nigiri roll was very tender and juicy and the sauce complimented it well.

goose liver california roll w/tomato sauce (~$280)
i was really looking forward to this dish because my friend strongly recommended it. although the overall flavour and texture was good, i didn’t really taste the goose liver at all. i also would’ve just preferred soy sauce over tomato sauce.


spicy tuna hand rolls (w/o rice)
this was surprisingly good and wasn’t too spicy. lots of tender tuna with a few pieces of lettuce and ponzu sauce. 

miso soup w/half a tempura shrimp ($90)
miso soup can never go wrong. i was surprised to find half a tempura shrimp in my soup which added a nice touch to the simple dish.

tuna tataki
tasted like chicken and a bit on the bland side.

i know i didn’t give it screaming reviews but the reason why i would return is for its location and tapas style dining. it’s decent japanese food without being sloppy or too high-end. hence, the prices are bearable for a working girl like me. call ahead to make reservations!

a- plus dining sake bar  花酒蔵
33 An He Rd. Sec.1

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