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the teahouse at stanley park- VANCOUVER

May 26, 2011

the service was inconsistent and unprofessional and it certainly did not live up to the food and surroundings. at the end of our meal my boyfriend asked if he could break a $20 usd into 2 $10 cdn and our server looked at us like we were crazy. he used his hands to refuse the bill and in a haughty attitude said “whoa, we don’t take american dollars here.” bee was taken aback and showed him the the check book filled with usd bills and added that he was paying with usd. the server immediately apologized. what was his problem?? afterward, when we got our coats from coat check, one of the servers working up front asked if we were satisfied with our meals by which my boyfriend responded by saying that the meal was fine but that he was unhappy with our server. that said, she replied by saying “oh, im sorry” and asked him to point out who it was in which she then dismissively said “ohh” and nothing more was said after that. it was probably all gossip and games for her .. but at least pretend that you care about your customers! the staff is in need of some major training! we left pretty angry… and to top off the awesome evening i realized that i left my phone at the restaurant when i got home- great. i called the restaurant and thankfully they kept it in the safe for me to pick up the next day. the teahouse is a high end restaurant with an amazing location overlooking the waters by stanley park and serves decent pacific northwest and seafood dishes … but the staff and service is unprofessional which is a big no no in my book.

charcuterie plate- prosciutto & something else w/pickles and figs ($10)
i wish they had more condiments like fruits for such a big plate of cured meats… which is why i ordered the salad below.

pear salad w/walnuts
too much dressing and too little pears!

fresh pacific salmon w/ lemon, capers ($25)
byron didn’t think the fish was very fresh.

roasted sablefish w/miso soy marinade ($31)
i really enjoyed the miso broth with brussel sprouts.

it’s been a while since my visit and sorry for the lack of food descriptions but the meal was unmemorable. the only thing i’d come back for is the view but i really don’t want to see that server again! they have so much potential to be better so i hope they step up their game!

the teahouse at stanley park
ferguson point
vancouver, BC

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