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two chefs and a table- VANCOUVER

May 20, 2011

another rainy sunday morning in vancouver creates the perfect mood for sunday brunch. i’ve been desperate to try meat & bread for a while with the visiting boyfriend. hoping that some good food will lift our spirits after a rough morning, we arrived outside the door of the restaurant that read “sunday: closed.” frustrated, we walked around the area for a bit before we decided to try two chefs and a table which was also in gastown and just a few minutes drive away. we thought we had the wrong address at one point because the surrounding area was pretty remote and sketchy but don’t be deceived because we found the place shortly after, parked, waited 15 minutes, and was given a choice to be seated by the open kitchen/bar. we really enjoyed observing chef preparations but watching only two servers to assist the room full of guests was painful. hence, service was slow and not particularly friendly. on the other side of the bar, b & i  curiously watched as the two chefs made our food from scratch and served it onto our tables.


fresh squeezed orange juice
& coffee

big lou’s breakfast- house made sausage, berkshire ham, 2 eggs, pancake and toast ($12)
the apple pancakes were soft and moist inside almost like it was only half cooked but some people like that texture. the suasages were full of flavor and made me want more. the toast was crisp and buttery and added balance to the dish. altogether, it’s a pretty heavy dish but it’s worth saving your appetite once in a while!

porchetta hash- house roasted porchetta, seasonal veg, onions, hash potato, (poached egg & hollondaise substituted with toast) ($10)
huge chunks of hash potato’s and pieces of smoked juicy and fat porchetta that melts in the mouth. so good. i would’ve preferred more veggies than potato’s though.

two chefs and a table
305 alexander st.
vancouver, BC
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