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May 9, 2011

with all the good press they’ve received over the past year, boneta a modern take on european cuisine in gastown seemed appropriate for a romantic night out with the boyfriend. i remember walking into a spacious room boasting a high ceiling covered with mirrors, brown and white interior, a projection of the menu on the wall, views of an open kitchen and a colorful array of paintings on the walls. i get that they are trying to be “funky” but i found some of the decor tacky and incoherent as a whole. we were seated on a platform at a table at the corner. the room was filled with energy and laughter.

it has been a while and i hate myself for not remembering what this dish was but it obviously wasn’t memorable.. i wanna say this appetizer was a veal carpaccio. it lacked in taste and portion size but better than the duck confit and pork belly we ordered below.

duck confit & pork belly
i recall the pork belly being pretty tasty. crispy on top and fatty underneath. on the other hand, the duck confit was a huge let-down. it was so reduced that it made impossible to eat because it was too salty. my boyfriend has stayed off duck confit ever since…

i really wish my experience at boneta resembled all the positive reviews i’ve read online. maybe we ordered the wrong dishes or dined at the wrong time? they change their menu selection quite often so i probably wouldn’t mind returning and giving it another shot but i don’t think i’d be able to convince my boyfriend to come back again.

1 west cordova street
vancouver, BC
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