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battle of the japanese seafood salads in kerrisdale- VANCOUVER

April 23, 2011

there are many japanese restaurants in kerrisdale but only a few that are worth going.
the seafood salad at a japanese eatery can say a lot about the overall quality, attention to detail, and value of their food in general. having tried all the japanese seafood salads in kerrisdale, here are my rankings from favorite to least favorite:
(all take out)

1) ajisai sushi bar

well-balanced salad. it was odd seeing tiny shrimps in my salad but they were surprisingly tasty. the dressing looked heavy and oily as it sat in the take out sauce container but it worked with the salad by carrying out an intriguing taste of sesame.
Ajisai Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

2) asa sushi

i don’t prefer their greens but they serve the most sashimi slices! 6 pieces of tuna and salmon each.
Asa Sushi on Urbanspoon

3) tokyo thyme

the portion was small and there wasn’t a lot of seafood. i can’t recall the dressing but i remember not liking it.
Tokyo Thyme on Urbanspoon

4) shota sushi & grill

this tuna salad only had 3 pieces of semi-frozen tuna and really expensive for what it is. the sesame/citrus dressing was too sour for my taste.
Shota Sushi & Grill on Urbanspoon

5) sushi hachi

chunks of crab imitation, and dinky pieces of sashimi with straight up mayonnaise dressing. REALLY??
Sushi Hachi on Urbanspoon


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