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wang’s beef noodle house- VANCOUVER

March 23, 2011

this is my second time at wang’s beef noodle house and i am still not impressed. i figured that they’d make some improvements after the renovations, but the food and service department remained the same if not worse. my friend and i waited at least half an hour for our beef noodle soup to arrive and all the waitresses looked so damn miserable that it almost made me feel guilty to make any sort of requests. i appreciated that the only male server in the restaurant was more eager to help than the rest.

beef noodles
i requested for spicy beef noodles which made the soup excessively oily compared to my friend who ordered the same thing. other then that, i don’t have much to complain. the soup base was decent, and the meat was unexpectedly tender. my friend thought the overall taste was just so-so.
beef scallion pancake roll
i was really looking forward to this dish but it was bland. the pancake didn’t have that crisp and aroma i was looking for. they should at least spread some xo sauce on the beef slices no?

on the whole, the food and service wasn’t the best way to start off my sunday and it certainly did not help cure my hangover! ironically, my experience here has made me CRAVE beef noodles like i never had before which ill give wang some credit for!

wang’s beef noodle house
8390 granville st.
vancouver, BC
Wang’s Beef Noodle House on Urbanspoon

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  1. March 24, 2011 4:26 pm

    Both my parents and my friend have confirmed what you already mentioned about Wang’s; horrible service but mediocre food. I can never really understand how Asian service can even be bad considering it’s usually an order, eat and pay type of system with no real “service” involved. I’ve never been to Taiwan so I can’t speak for authenticity but my Taiwanese Beef Noodle go-to place is still Lao Shan Dong.

    • March 24, 2011 11:46 pm

      I can’t agree more! maybe they are grumpy because their tasks are so simple? hm i have to try lao shan dong when i get the chance! its now on my wishlist!

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