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March 21, 2011

my friends picked me up from LAX last weekend and being indecisive about where to eat like always, i suggested we try sasaya a japanese izakaya restaurant a few blocks away from our apartment. below is what we ordered:

rokkasen hitotoki rose- rose colored sparkling sake brewed with black rice. dry, subtle acidity ($11), japanese green tea
i was very impressed with their extensive drink menu. they have a wide variety of sake, shochu, cocktails, and hard liquor to chose from. an appropriate place to chill & drink.
seafood salad- baby greens topped w/salmon & tuna sashimi, salmon roe, and masago served w/yuzu-wasabi dressing ($12)
something i like about sasaya is their menu. every food item listed is paired with a picture. the first course i ordered was the seafood salad which was pretty average. im not used to finding tomatoes and carrots in my sashimi salad (which i don’t enjoy), and the veggies and dressing was nothing special. on the other hand, the portion size was bigger than expected.
saba shioyaki- lightly salted grilled mackerel ($6.2)
it’s hard to tell but the fish was overcooked and dry 😦
una don- freshwater eel over a bed of rice ($7.5)
albert thought his una don was pretty good. perhaps its the lack of color, but it doesn’t look too appetizing to me…
grilled cod
jeff wasn’t satisfied with how the cod turned out adding that it was “nothing special.”
pork gyoza- pork dumpling. panfried ($4.5)
mochi gratin- rice cake with seasoned ground chicken topped w/green onion, dried seaweed, and cheese ($6.8)
this dish wasn’t well-received by my friends who tried it. i thought anything with cheese was delicious hehe.
oyako don
louis had the oyako don which wasn’t listed on the menu. he gobbled it down pretty fast and later complained that the portion size was too small which everyone else but me seemed to agree upon. well, i was the only girl at the table!
katsu toji- chicken cutlet with sliced onions cooked in bonito broth and egg ($7.5)
my boyfriend was driving over from work and asked me to order something for him. i got him the chicken katsu toji which seemed like a safe choice. luckily he enjoyed it!

overall i wasn’t impressed with the quality of food. everything about this place is quite underwhelming except for their drink menu. although its close by to where i stay in LA, i probably won’t dine here again.

west los-angeles
11613 santa monica blvd
los angeles, CA
Sasaya on Urbanspoon

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