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morels french steakhouse- LOS ANGELES

February 24, 2011

i was supposed to do a valentines day meal at home with B but we ended up catching a late movie ‘no strings attached’ at the grove and decided to eat at the morels french steakhouse right across the theater. that was a mistake. B & i had dinner at the bistro (steakhouse is upstairs) because we wanted to sit at the patio downstairs which is great for people watching and to soak up the lively energy from the grove. however, morels food and service that night was just not up to par.

complimentary bread

the burger came before the appetizer- the black peppercorn sauce was so overpowering that B couldn’t enjoy the rest of his burger
salmon– the overall flavors were good but the salmon wasn’t very fresh

our escargot came shortly after our entrees which our server apologized for.
the snails drowned in one of the most unimpressive garlic/butter sauce i’ve tasted with escargots.

this sums up our valentines dinner. great environment but poor food & service.
we had such high hopes for this place and i really hope they improve and take advantage of their awesome location!

morels french steakhouse
6301 W. 3rd St.
los angeles, CA
Morels French Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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