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toratatsu: closed- VANCOUVER

January 23, 2011

i have been a frequent costumer at toratatsu these recent years, but last friday, i decided that toratatsu is officially my favorite japanese izakaya restaurant in vancouver. their service is attentive, the atmosphere is intimate and relaxing, and the food is consistent, creative, and delicious. my only complaint is that some of the portions are a bit small for the price.

it was nice to see that they extended the menu. they have a lot of new dishes i want to try!

we decided to have two orders of their set menu which is $30/person. keep in mind when viewing the pictures below that both portions are combined.

sashimi salad– ample amount of sashimi. the salad was fresh and crispy, the fish eggs added a nice touch, and the best part is the wasabi soy vinaigrette dressing.

aburi shime saba/ house grilled mackerel- seared right in front of you! love this dish. it was gone in 3 minutes.

beef tataki carpaccio

negitoro tartare/japanese style tuna tartare with avocado, green onions, served with garlic toast– the tartare doesn’t look very appealing after mixing it up, but it actually tastes wonderful.

ebi chili mayo/tiger prawn tempura with our original chili mayo, almonds, wonton crisps– they are famous for this! a must order.

cheese tofu/ creamy mascarpone tofu, toasted almonds, a touch of honey, served with baguette– now this is my favorite dish of all. i can’t come here and not order this because it’s seriously orgasmic. a lot of my friends think i’m crazy for liking it so much..but i just do hehe. it’s like cream cheese but in a tofu-like texture. the dish wouldn’t be complete without the honey and strawberries which compliment the cheese tofu very well. however, shouldn’t this be categorized under dessert?

sushi (pick a sushi of your liking)– we chose to have the red dragon roll/wild smoked salmon and cream cheese with salmon caviar, topped with tobiko & the dragon roll/prawn and avocado with salmon caviar, topped with tobiko– the sushi was disappointing. we expected it to be regular sized sushi filled and topped with delicious ingredients, but instead they were reduced. it was not satisfying.

dessert/house made creamy coconut and almond tofu– i don’t like the taste of almonds particularly much but this was pretty damn good. the almond and coconut flavor is subtle, and thankfully, it didn’t taste like tofu but was a lot like panna cotta. on a side note, i think they should chose a dessert that didn’t resemble the cheese tofu so much.

for drinks we had the uno/sake, soho lychee, pineapple, strawberry (7.50) – good but a little too sweet, drunk melon- sake, melon, orange juice ($7.50)– my friends said it was alright, and the mimosa ($8) wasn’t too bad.

all-around, a little bit on the pricey side but my friends and i had a great dinner. i am still a devoted toratatsu fan and will come back to try their new dishes!

robson street/ west end
735 denman st
vancouver, BC
Toratatsu on Urbanspoon

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  1. January 24, 2011 11:33 pm

    You made a good choice with the set menu! I ordered the same thing when I first went here and it really showcases their restaurant!

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