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susiecakes- LOS ANGELES

January 21, 2011

it was my last day in los angeles and i was desperate to buy some sprinkles cupcakes to bring back for one of my girl friend in vancouver. i felt bad for asking B’s roommate to drive all the way to beverley hills during rush hour (and apparently guys don’t seem to get the whole cupcake craze) and i was feeling adventurous so i googled ‘cupcakes, los angeles’ on yelp and susiecakes popped up as one of the highest rated cupcake stores in LA. i got really excited when i found out it was just by south barrington and san vicente blvd. which is a five minute drive from my place. i ended up buying six mini cupcakes and two regulars in vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. honestly, i had to convince myself to be open-minded about this place, because come on… sprinkles cupcakes is tough to beat. but damn i am sure glad to have stumbled across this place because their cupcakes are PHENOMENAL… moist, fluffy, and the icing was delicious. i hate how im always comparing cupcakes to sprinkles but this time susiecakes really measures up! note to self: must do a susiecakes and sprinkles cupcake face-off!

clean and spacious

nothing too fancy

nomnomnom i want one right now

miniature cupcakes from left to right: vanilla, red velvet, chocolate- i brought these mini’s back to van for my friend (sorry about the frosting there was turbulence) and she LOVED them. these bite-sized cakes are like tiny bites of heaven.. mmmm. i think we concluded that the vanilla cupcake was the best one.

i will be back at susiecakes ASAP.

11708 san vicente blvd
los angeles, CA
Susiecakes on Urbanspoon


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