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the yard- LOS ANGELES

January 19, 2011

i went to see B again this weekend for the first time after the new years. being in a long distance relationship is hard so we always try to spice things up a bit by finding new places to dine/wine and enjoy each others company. our first meal together after my arrival to LAX is always important so we both decided on the yard for some late night food and drinks. we’ve never been here before but were enticed by the reviews on yelp and urbanspoon. the yard seems to be one of LA’s most popular restaurants, and their executive chef chris jacobson “CJ” was a former contestant on top chef! needless to say, B and i are top chef addicts so we were really curious to try this place.

the yard is located where all the action is on the promenade by santa monica beach. we were seated at the patio which was really nice but B said the temperature of the heater was on way too high.. he was probably just too excited to see me hehe.

upon our 9:30 arrival, we liked the option of ordering from the dinner menu that ends at 11pm and a late night menu that stops serving at 1am. the lists consists of typical bar food like fries, burgers, pork sliders, etc.

for drinks, i had the cocktail special (cranberry, orange, vodka) ($5) & B had the allagash white ($8)– there was a generous amount of vodka in my cocktail- kudos. yet, at this time i was a bit distracted by a few rowdy drunks stumbling in and out of the bar yelling and singing. well it is a bar and a friday night…

grilled market veggies ($6)– my only complaint is that the veggies were too greasy when i really just wanted a healthy and light side dish of grilled greens.

the yard burger w/ sweet potato fries ($15) – the sweet potato fries were truly amazing. way better than the potato fries at umami and father’s office. the burger on the other hand is something we wouldn’t order again. we didn’t enjoy the yellow sour tomatoes, and the bun was just so-so. it is such a shame because their meat was delicious, but the overall flavor didn’t WOW us.

mmm look at that meat.

the yard burger cut in half.

our total came out to be $37.31 which isn’t too bad.

i would come back again but more so for drinks and snacks than real food. service was also attentive. the yard seems like a really good place to loosen up and just have fun with a few friends in an intimate and cozy setting!

the yard
(310) 395-6037
119 broadway
santa monica, CA
The Yard on Urbanspoon

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  1. January 27, 2011 12:05 pm

    Only for drinks, not for the food. I’d rather go around the block and eat at Joe’s Pizza. There are far superior food experiences even in that corner of Santa Monica. Try FIG, Library Alehouse, etc., next time you’re in SaMo.

    • January 27, 2011 3:08 pm

      i agree. FIG has been on my to try list for a while. it looks amazing but a bit pricier for my budget. library alehouse looks chill, will have to try when i get the chance! thanks!

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