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the fat olive- SHANGHAI

January 11, 2011

living in a city that loves greek food, it might surprise you that i never had a greek meal before. i was in shanghai this past winter holiday and my uncle took me to a greek restaurant and wine bar called the fat olive. i was super eager to try and was not disappointed that night. i loved everything about this place and would return in a heartbeat.

no reviews, just pictures to enjoy 🙂

the menu

casual comfortable & cozy

dips- eggplant/ roasted and pureed with light spices ($35RMB)

dips- chickpea/ roasted red peppers ($35RMB)

“fish and chips a la greek” – battered black cod and skordalia potato garlic dip ($85RMB)

greek salad

sausage- grilled and served with lemon rice and wilted spinach ($85RMB)

pigeon- grilled with tomato rice pilaf and roast garlic sauce ($128RMB)

perch- wrapped in fig leaves then grilled and served with preserved lemon, dill froth ($128RMB)

cabbage rolls/ filled with prok and rice then braised and drizzled with its own cooking juices ($88RMB)

pork ($188RMB)

greek style frozen yogurt with truffle honey ($38RMB) this yogurt/icecream was heavenly!

the fat olive has got me hooked  (and yes i know its a little fancy-shmancy and not the traditional type of greek food usually served) but i have now made it my goal to explore all the amazing greek restaurants here in vancouver to fulfill my new-found greek food craving! i love trying new and exciting flavors!

the fat olive
+86 (0)21 3368-9524
2/f, bldg 26/f, sinan nansions, 519 fuxing lu
shanghai, china


+86 (0)21 6334 3288
228 xizang nan lu
silver court building, 6th floor
shanghai, china


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