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bin 941 tapas parlour- VANCOUVER

January 9, 2011

main on crave was closed on a friday night (why?!) so i decided to go on a limb and take my friend visiting vancouver to the popular bin 941 tapas parlour on davie street, somewhere i never dined before. this isn’t the kind of tapas i was really looking forward to but i was really curious to see what all the hype was about.

my friend & i arrived at the restaurant around 730 and was immediately seated at the bar. we got lucky because it was completely full after we were seated and they don’t take reservations.

we started off with some vodka ($8) w/orange cider- they had a wine menu but no cocktails so the bartender advised us to drink vodka w/orange cider which was surprisingly good.

spinach salad/ baby beets, avocado, warm mushroom sherry vinaigrette, fried saganaki ($11)– this looked delicious at first sight, but it was way too oily for my taste. i did however enjoy the fried cheese balls (fried saganaki) in the salad.

risotto, seasonal wild mushroom, parmigiano reggiano, truffle oil drizzle ($17) this was my friend’s main and it was very creamy and the rice was a bit hard. but overall it was tasty and i couldn’t stop eating it.

sablefish, double smoked bacon, shitake mushroom potato cake, tempura broccolini, white miso sauce ($17)– when this dish arrived (after a long wait) i was really confused and wondered where my fish was. i realized that the two dinky rolls were actually my sablefish wrapped in bacon. i forgot that these were tapa style dishes since the prices are misleading in comparison to traditional tapas which are usually around $5. nevertheless, they all tasted pretty good individually.

on the whole i was a bit dissapointed. the service was ok but the food came out really slow and it wasn’t outstanding. i read online reviews that people really liked the atmosphere and vibe of this small tapas parlour but i found it extremely crammed (people were literally sitting side by side to one another), and very loud. not a scene i would enjoy again. i think that i will do my research before coming back and order some of their more popular dishes like duck and pommes frites.

bin 941 tapas parlour
941 davie street
vancouver, canadaBin 941 Tapas Parlour on Urbanspoon

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