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mr & mrs bund- SHANGHAI

January 7, 2011

my shanghai trip continues…

mr & mrs bund is a french restaurant positioned in bund 18 on the bund in shanghai (very close to jean georges in my previous post). “a modern eatery by chef pairet”, pairet produces “sophisticated, avante-garde fine dining to produce french and global dishes.” although the restaurant has only been around for less than two years, it already has a reputation for being one of the best places to dine in shanghai.

view from bund 18

going up to the sixth floor

the complimentary bread arrives soon after we sit down. they have one of the best bread baskets ive ever hard and must try tuna mousse spread. my aunts and uncle who are frequent costumers were raving about their bread before my parents and i even had a chance to try.

what an extensive menu. they have everything.

to start with we had the gillardeauu harboured in marennes oleron (france)/ a balanced taste of sweetness and marine flavoris with tender texture- traditional oysters with butter lemon, shallot vinegar ($350RMB/6pieces=$53USD)

my aunt and mom loved their  salad soft egg “frisee aux ladrons”- soft poached egg, garlic mayonnaise, “frisee” salad, bacon, “lardons” ($90RMB=$13.60USD)– they seem to be pretty famous for their salads especially during friday and saturday brunch.

the amazing view of the bund. if you look closely you can see the pearl tower of shanghai through the windows on the right.

beef- rossini- seared foie gras, “perigeux” red wine sauce ($380RMB=$57USD)

black cod. truffle new meuniere- light meuniere, truffle, mashed potato ($250RMB=$38USD)

salmon. seared. essential ginger-basil olive oil, lemon, soy, ginger, basil ($150RMB=$23USD)

beef cheek. bourguignon tendon- beef cheek and tendon braised in red wine sauce, garlic, onions, carrots ($150RMB=23USD) there mashed potatoes are scrumptious and worth mentioning.

tuna. balsamico. seared tuna, citrus, balsamico syrup ($180RMb=$27USD)

my aunts birthday dessert. i think it was bread pudding w/a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

yogurt. strawberry coulis ($60RMB=$9USD) texture like a panna cotta but healthier! not too heavy.

strawberry strawberry chantilly- strawberries, strawberry sorbet, strawberry chantilly ($75RMB=$11USD) refreshing, perfect for an after dinner dessert if you want something light.

after dinner we stepped out and this was our view. absolutely breathtaking.

this was my first time at mr & mrs bund and i loved it. if anyone asks me for suggestion on where to get some high-quality food with good service, amazing view, spacious interior, and a place that isn’t too pretentious.. then mr & mrs bund is the place.

mr & mrs bund- shanghai
bund 18, 6/floor, 18 zhongshan dong yi lu, near nanjing dong lu
shanghai, china


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