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jean georges- SHANGHAI

January 5, 2011

i love shanghai. so much diversity, culture, and food.

the brunch at jean george is one of the best in the city. upscale french dining, delicate food, extensive wine list, and views of the bund, makes this dining experience memorable to say the least. however, the price of the signature brunch has gone up by 200rmb so remember to bring a steep wallet to indulge.

“designed by celebrated architect michael graves, the restaurant’s style is inspired by the grandeur of old shanghai and the romantic french influence of this international seaport.  the bar and lounge space revolves around a promenade from which both the stunning vista of the bund and the elegant dining space are in full view.

The jean jeorges concept includes a revival of the elegance of tableside service to accompany his signature style of modern French cooking, bringing the excitement and the wonderful aromas of food preparation back into the dining room.

the philosophy of jean georges is simplicity with an emphasis on superior ingredients. “the cuisine at jean jeorges shanghai will be very light french cuisine using mainly locally grown organic produce and the freshest of local seafood,” says vongerichten.

to ensure guests select the most suitable wines to accompany their meal, jean georges shanghai introduces award-winning sommelier yvonne chiong – one of asia’s youngest and only female sommeliers.

the wine cellar at jean georges shanghai holds over 5000 bottles, including some choice selections from bordeaux, burgundy and blsace – each of them specially selected for their compatibility with various dishes.”
(excerpt via: dininginfrance)

in the building elevator of 3 on the bund, a transformed neo-classical 1916 building and home to four unique restaurants, two fashion stores, including the georgi armani flagship store, and many private events space and art galleries. jean george is located on the 4th floor.

the lunch & wine menu

such a stunning view! it cant get any better than this.

my mom ordered the luxury jean george brunch ($398RMB= ~$60USD) which can be seen below:

croissants, petite pain au chocolate w/coffee or tea- my mom was a little grouchy from the increase price change of the luxury brunch menu from 198RMB to 398RMB, so when this came she criticized it for being too little and unappetizing. i had a bite of it and it was really oily wasn’t anything special.

salmon pomme maxim w/caviar, lobster tartine, truffle eggs benedict, french toast– everything on here is DELISH especially the french toast. i couldn’t eat the eggs benedict cause of my allergies, but i also had a bite of the lobster tartine which was divine.

my dad and i both had the christmas prix fixe menu ($398RMB= ~$60) which consists of 2 dishes and dessert. below is what i had:

sea scallop and truffle toast– their bread is lightly buttered and toasted, the truffle was excellent, and the sea scallops lying on top of the toast were thin-sliced and raw. a nice balance of texture.

roasted cod, sweet garlic/ lemon broth and broccoli– i don’t like bread crumbs on my fish so i removed it. the fish itself was tasty and tender and the lemon broth was ok.  it tasted more like hollandaise sauce, which is made out of egg yolk, butter, and seasoned with lemon juice.

for my dessert i ordered the selection of sorbet– i remember the caramel and lemon sorbet. they were all stellar and unique.

my dad had the scallop and truffle toast as well and his second selection was:

caramelized beef tenderloin, miso butter, and roasted brussel sprouts

for dessert he had the chestnut souffle with caramel icecream– this is something worth ordering again. i’ve never had chestnut souffle before so this was pretty special for me because i love souffle’s. you can really taste the chestnut flavour. and the icecream was good but too sweet for my taste. my dad devoured it.

our bill came up to be $1357RMB=$205USD

jean georges shanghai remains the #1 brunch spot in the city in my book.

jean georges- shanghai
+86 21 6231-7733
no. 3 the bund, 4th floor
3 zhong shan dong yi road,
(entrance on 17 guang dong road)
shanghai, 200002

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  1. yvonne chiong permalink
    January 31, 2011 9:48 pm

    Dear Blogger ,

    Thank you for picking JG as your favorite i love it too !
    Just wanted to also drop you a friendly message to let you know that i have left my post in JG restaurant ever since 2007 .
    Many thanks on behalf of JG for the good words .

    Yvonne Chiong

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