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tu shiao yueh (度小月)- TAIPEI

January 4, 2011

if you are new to taiwan and would like to try some authentic taiwanese food then tu shiao yueh is a must. tu shiao yueh is a restaurant that originated from southern taiwan called tainan, the fourth largest city in taiwan. it has been around for more than 100 years and started their business by selling tainan dan-tsai noodles (台南擔仔麵) which have become a popular dish all over taiwan. tu shiao yueh is frequent by tourists and even locals. they are a few locations in taipei but the one i went to is the one on chung xiao east road in dong chu behind ming yao department store. on weekends and lunch/dinner hours it is usually packed and they don’t take reservations so you may expect a wait. nevertheless, when we think of taiwanese food we usually think of street vendors with no AC, a few tables, and eating with disposable spoons and chopsticks, but what’s good about du xiao yueh is that it’s indoor, has air conditioning, two-floors, servers are dressed in traditional taiwanese costumes, and they showcase someone making the tainan dan-tsu noodles on the spot. on the down side, their drinks are really overpriced, and you can honestly find better taiwanese food anywhere on the streets. anyway, i came here with my friend tiffany after she got off work.

the order sheet that we filled out.

beef ball soup 貢丸湯 ($30NTD= ~$1USD)– the typical clear broth with onions, cilantro, and beef balls. the beef balls were large, bouncy texture (or in chinese we say Q Q), and tasty.

fried tofu 油豆腐 ($30NTD= ~$1USD) this dish directly translated into english is called oily tofu. the tofu is fried and then soaked in water (i think), so it loses that crispy fried texture. this is my favorite thing to order in taiwanese restaurant. the most important part of this dish is the soy sauce paste.

after this dish my friends tainan tan dan-tsu noodles came. im sad because i can’t find the picture anywhere! i grabbed it off someones blog which can be seen below:

tainan dan-tsai noodles 台南担仔麵 ($50NTD= ~$1.5USD) my friend had the dry version of this noodle. the most important ingredients is the soup base which is usually made out of cilantro, vinegar, garlic, cilantro, and the minced meat. some places make the meat really fatty, but this wasn’t which i liked.

grilled fish stomach ($150NTD= ~$5USD) the fish was tasty. i would get it again.

fried cherry shrimps and taiwanese cabbage 樱花蝦高麗菜 ($220NTD= ~$7.5USD) a little bit on the oily side.

as you can see, taiwanese dishes are generally pretty simple to make. du xiao yueh is fast, cheap, has delicious noodles/rice, and it’s comfortable to dine in. i would continue to come back.

tu shiao yueh- taipei
no. 12, alley 8, lane 216, sec. 4, chung hsiao east road
taipei, taiwan

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