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sigis at the american club (美國俱樂部)- TAIPEI

January 4, 2011

the sigis is my favorite restaurant in the american club (ACC) in taipei, taiwan. they serve a wide range of mediterranean and western  dishes such as pasta, seafood, tapas, burgers, and delicious pizzas. what i love most is the outdoor patio that overlooks the swimming pool. sadly, their food and service is usually a hit and miss for me.

the kitchen area

complimentary bread

creamy tuna bruschettas 鮪魚醬 ($160NT= $5.30USD) this was good. very creamy indeed but not in a overbearing way. i would recommend this as an appetizer.

market greens salad w/ mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, red onion, your choice of dressing 時令花園沙拉  ($260NT= ~8.50USD)

minestrone soup 義大利蔬菜蕃茄湯 ($145NT= ~$4.80USD) most minestrone’s i have had are lighter and clear-brothed but but this was more like a stew and i wasn’t very happy finding rice in my soup either. i looked it up and found that minestrone stands for “the big soup” is made with many vegetables to create a thick soup base, often with the addition of rice or pasta. hm, i guess i should experience real italian food first before i complain about the authenticity of the minestrone soup at ACC.

my grandma ordered this soup on their specials menu. it contains bacon and vegetables pieces topped with a poached egg. my grandmother and mother who shared the soup didn’t like it.
lasagna bolognaise/ homemade pasta, prime beef sauce, basil pesto 肉醬千層麵 ($380NT= ~$12.50USD) sigis is pretty popular for their lasagne’s, and this lasagna bolongaise was delicious! plenty of high quality fresh tomato’s with beef sauce can’t go wrong in my book.

tandoori chicken/ eggplants, chutney, banana, cashew nuts, coriander, yoghurt dressing 印度烤雞披薩 ($450NT= ~$15USD) this was the dish everyone was anticipating for, their famous tandoori chicken pizza! interesting combination and compliments well with each other. the dough could’ve been in the oven for a longer time for a crispier crust. we waited almost an hour for this pizza and my mom actually told her to put it back into the oven for a crispier crust after telling them to do it in the first place. then we waited for another 40 minutes for the server to come over and tell us that they couldn’t make the pizza the way we want it to because all the pre-made pizza dough was made too dry that day.

linguine vongole/ vlams, tomatoes, basil, garlic-chili aioli 白酒蛤蠣細扁麵 ($350NT= ~$)11.50USD our waitress who was probably also a manager gave this to us for free because of the pizza situation which was unnecessary but really nice of her. when i was little i loved to eat clam pasta’s at italian restaurants, and this did not disappoint! most places make it kind of bland but this wasn’t at all.

fried calamari w/ red onion, tzatziki sauce 希臘花枝(炸) ($280NT= ~9.50USD) this was also given to us by our server. it reminds me of white spots calamari which i really like because it isn’t too battered.

watermelon juice ($125NTD= ~$4USD) & complimentary hot citron green tea $160NTD= ~$5.30USD)

on the following saturday i met up with my friend for lunch at sigis and this is what i ordered:

soup of the day: onion soup

grilled US flank steak burger
w/sautéed onions, tomatoes, basil pesto, side with mixed greens with an add-on of cheddar cheese $50 烤牛排漢堡 ($365NTD= ~$12USD) the server asked me if i wanted the normal beef patty VS steak and i went with the steak which i regret. there were 3 slices of steak between the buns but it was way too heavy and oily for my taste. my friend ordered the same thing and didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

i always come back to sigis with my family and will continue to do so. i think they are best at making pasta and pizza so i would order those things on the menu next time.

american club taipei- sigis
+886 2 28858260~3
47 beian road
taipei, taiwan

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