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gjelina- LOS ANGELES

December 11, 2010

gjelina is an american/mediterranean restaurant on the fashionable and artistic abott kinney blvd on venice street, los angeles. for a first timer, the restaurant was hard to find since the building is dark with no visible sign. eventually we found it and walked through the doors into a lovely dark space of high wooden ceilings and stone walls. it was crowded and a little loud, but the  relaxing and urban setting probably had something to do with it. on a negative note, our host was snobby, and the only time our server smiled was when she gave us our check…

for drinks, i ordered the long walk home- bordeaux, bitters, citrus ($8)– this cocktail taste just like sangria. yum. B ordered the paulaner pilsner (germany) ($7)

grilled warren pears with grilled treviso, burrata, speck & balsamic ($13)
– this was really delicious. it’s basically prosciutto with salad, cheese, and pears. the cheese had a tofu-like texture- the cheese flavor was very light- maybe too light, and the grilled pear was to die for. loved the whole combination.

crispy niman ranch pork belly with soft polenta, bitter greens & apple cider ($11)– i would rate this dish 3.5/5, the meat was nice and flavorful but i feel like i can find something like this at an asian street vendor.

grilled radicchio, bacon, fontina & tomato confit ($15) – we decided to try something other than mushroom pizza this time but regretted our decision. well, this pizza was good too, but the flavor was a little flat for what we were expecting.

for dessert we ordered their famous butterscotch pot de crème with salted caramel & crème fraiche ($8)– everyone that told us about gjelina has recommended their butterscotch dessert. whoever can finish this dessert is beast because one small spoonful was enough for me. it was WAYY sweet (like i imagined), but i can tell they use high quality ingredients for this. B liked it but he couldn’t finish this without downing water like mad. my advice is to order coffee & tea, and my warning is that it’s sugar overload for a party of two.


this has become one of my favorite restaurants in los angeles. the food is good, but what i really enjoy is the atmosphere and vibe.


(310) 450-1429
1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA
Gjelina on Urbanspoon

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  1. December 11, 2010 9:36 pm

    The ranch pork belly pictures looks really good.

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