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huckleberry- LOS ANGELES

December 10, 2010

b & i decided to try huckleberry in santa monica for sunday brunch. however this popular hot spot did not meet our expectations.

we waited for a good 15-20 minutes in line. their ordering system is bizarre. people who were waiting for a table and those ordering items-to-go shared the same line.

green eggs & ham with la quercia prosciutto/ pesto & arugula on english muffin ($12.25)– this dish was seen on almost every table. b said it was good but not exceptionally good or special.

tuna salad sandwich/ with tomato, arugula & aioli on multigrain bread ($12) – the multigrain bread is fantastic and the tuna was good too but i’ve never had a bad tuna sandwich before. i didn’t end up finishing my sandwich so i took it home to eat for lunch the next day. to my surprise, the sandwich tasted just as good as the day before.

i also tried ordering a hot chocolate but their hot chocolate was pre-made and couldn’t be made with soy (i am allergic to milk) but i tried it anyway. you can tell that they use high quality cocoa powder to make their hot chocolate.

huckleberry also sells a variety of pastries, and breads, so we took home a cranberry corn cake and chocolate croissant. both were tasty.

i dont think we will be coming back for brunch. the food didn’t wow us, and the prices are quite pricey for what it is.

(310) 451-2311
1014 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
Huckleberry on Urbanspoon

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