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December 3, 2010

my friends and i decided to have a nice thanksgiving meal in las vegas last weekend. it was very last minute and we had a party of ten and most restaurants couldn’t accommodate a ten person table. thankfully, the caesar’s palace where we were staying at had a few options available for us, and this included the bradley ogden. we’ve never heard of this restaurant before but their thanksgiving dinner set menu seemed pretty legit so we decided to give it a try. no regrets. this was one of the best thanksgiving meals i’ve had.

we got assigned to our own spacious & private room, the server was friendly and attentive, decor is warm and elegant, and the food was pretty amazing. after coming back to vancouver and doing some research, i found out that bradley ogden is actually considered one of the best fine dining restaurants in las vegas! i was not surprised and glad that our disadvantage eventually worked in our favor.

complimentary from the chef – cinnamon, bacon, potato, olive oil, sage

complimentary bread and blueberry corn muffin– at first glance, the muffin was so random but boy was it good! i could eat ten of those. it was kind of weird to eat something sweet before my meal but it definitely unleashed my appetite.

roasted foie gras/ belgian waffles, candied meyer lemon, huckleberry jam ($29)– mouth orgasm.

(correction*) this is the twice baked maytag blue cheese souffle/ dried fruit compote, watercress, ver jus vinaigreet ($17) my friend said this tasted amazing.

bradley’s signature caesar ($12)

thanksgiving special turkey/ cranberry sauce and muffin ($38)– im not a turkey person but a few of my friends ordered this and LOVED it.

pan roasted alaskan halibut/ cauliflower fritter, fennel-orange hash, herbs salad ($42)
–  i dont agree with the visual presentation of this dish, it ‘s a little too bright and orange for me. i also didn’t quite like the bread crumbs on top either. the fish itself and carrot sauce was delicious, but some of the carrots in my friends halibut dish were really undercooked.

oak grilled prime ribeye/ yukon gold potato pave, winter greens, red wine essence ($48)
– this was SUPERB. the best dish of the night. the steak was cooked perfectly. it was tender, flavorful, and well seasoned. i wish we had this here! i cant seem to find a consistent steak house in vancouver.

duroc pork loin/ potato rosti, braised cabbage, granny smith apple ($42) – i didn’t get to try this but my friends who did was craving for more days after.

pumpkin pie

complimentary pudding– my friends must have major sweet tooth’s because i found this way too sweet! i couldn’t finish mine but most people did.

this was our bill. PRICEY but i think well worth it for most parts. we all had a pleasant time and enjoyed our first thanksgiving dinner together!

i would love to come back if i have the chance!

bradley ogden (caesar’s palace)
(702) 731-7731
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV
Bradley Ogden (Caesars Palace) on Urbanspoon

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