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November 30, 2010

i have heard some good things about noodles prior to dining here, but this asian noodle restaurant situated in bellagio hotel is anything but delicious or authentic. a few pros: it is nicely decorated with warm colors and asian-inspired decorations with a modern take, large round tables, and good value for vegas dining. but the server was incredibly rude to us 20+ year old’s by first giving us a i-could-care-less attitude and then ‘teaching’ us how to order our food/drinks. later on, he forgot our order of vegetables and we ended up canceling.

daily boiled soup- chicken feet and peanuts – the soup was nice but a tad bit salty.

the mandarin beef stew noodle/beef brisket, tendons-spiced herb broth– this is what noodles is most popular for. the beef noodles isn’t too bad for an asian restaurant in vegas but the meat is tough, and the noodles are thick (i prefer thinner noodles VS thick noodles that are heavy on flour). on the other hand, the broth is well stewed for a strong beef flavor.

hainanese chicken rice/ fragrant rice and broth with homemade chili sauce ($21) Рmy friend liked the fragrant rice and that was pretty much it.

braised beef brisket with rice/ steamed rice with beef brisket and beef tendon ($14)- my rice dish was very a let down. the beef was tough and lacked flavor, and the sauce didn’t taste like anything. i’m not a big tendon person so i didn’t even bother trying the tendons. all in all, it was bland.

combination barbecue rice w/ the choice of duck and soya chicken– my boyfriend said this was OK but way overpriced for what it was (i believe this dish is ~$18-$21)

oriental fried rice/ chinese sausage and shrimp – its not that difficult to make tasty fried rice espeacially with sausages but this was flavorless.

beef rice noodles/ soy-flavored beef with rice noodle ($16) – this was surprisingly good. maybe even better than the beef noodles with soup. it made me wonder why i didn’t order a noodle dish at a noodle restaurant, but just when i was about to change my mind about their food…

…the szechwan dan dan noodle w/minced pork and spicy sauce was served and it tasted boring. it was overloaded with noodles, not spicy (hello?- it is labeled a szhewan dish w/spicy sauce!), and again it was BLAND.

i think i will have to head over to chinatown next time i crave for chinese food in vegas.

(702) 693-7223
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV
Noodles (Bellagio) on Urbanspoon

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