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November 29, 2010

i was in las vegas this thanksgiving weekend with my high school friends and we stayed at the caesar’s palace. after a crazy night of drinking, some of us woke up the next day hung over and in desperate need for some food to fill our empty stomach. we ended up choosing somewhere close to eat and ended up at augustus cafe located in the lobby of the caesar’s palace hotel.

mushroom basil soup – soup du jour ($9) – this was soup of the day. unfortunately, we ordered two of them and both my friends hated it.

french onion soup ($9) – i usually have a problem drinking onion soup outside and finding it way over salted, but this was not the case. the seasoning was perfect, the broth was delicious and they were generous on the cheese although i prefer a softer and richer cheese flavor for my onion soup. my only complaint was that the onions were undercooked.

chicken caesar salad ($16) – i didn’t get to try this but my friend seemed pleased with her salad.

crab cakes ($16) – i shared this appetizer with a friend who enjoyed it more than i did. the filling had an unreasonable amount of mayo that made them awfully creamy and stole the aroma from the crab meat.

augustus burger ($16) – the augustus burger is the standard american beef burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. the bun was appropriate, the meat was well done, the veggies were fresh and the fries were pretty good as well.

chicken burger ($17)

fish & chips ($22) – didn’t have a chance to try this but it was gone by the end of the night.

…and as we finished our meals, our headache’s went away and we were all pretty satisfied with the quality and value of our food. overall, this place is ideal for people who are looking for a laid back and unpretentious casual dining for great american comfort food.  in comparison to all the vegas restaurants i’ve had this trip, i would dine here again if i ever get the chance to return and stay at the caesars palace again.

augustus cafe
caesar’s palace
(702) 731-7110
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV
Augustus Cafe (Caesars Palace) on Urbanspoon

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